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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ask Mummy Mayhem - Addicted to Blogging

Time for a bit of group advice with this week's Ask Mummy Mayhem...

This week's question comes from Lori of Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum (GREAT blog BTW - check it out!)...

If you can't read Lori's cute old post-it note, she asks:
How do I break the cycle of staying up late at night to blog and tweet, then being baggy-eyed the next day? I need help!
You know what Lori? I have this problem too. And I think I know what the answer to this problem might be - and then I just have to actually implement it myself! ;)

I think a timetable can be a great thing. Some poo-poo timetables as a waste of time, but I've used them in the past with great success. For eg, I found the cleaning of the house so hard to get to when the 3rd son was born, so I put together a little timetable of what rooms I would clean each day. I listed when I would wash the sheets, the towels, the whites and the darks. When I would iron. It really did start to work. With a newborn baby, there were days I didn't quite get to what I needed to, but for the most part, the house was fairly organised. I found that once I strayed from the timetable, everything stopped working so well. Like now. I need my timetable back!

I think if you can allocate times during the day on a timetable that you can spend tweeting and blogging, that'll help. I know that sounds very structured, but I think it's kinda the only way to stop getting sidetracked and the like. I tend to Tweet when I'm having some morning tea or some lunch etc. I blog when the kids sleep or, on Wednesdays, when the 3yo does a sports class for 1.5hrs, I sit in the cafe, iPod in, sipping tea and eating raisin toast and write a blog post! (LOVE doing that.)

But I get it - sometimes, in the quiet of night when the kids are asleep, and perhaps Hubby has retired for the evening - it's easier to jump on the computer and enjoy some uninterrupted time on the old blog. But maybe you have to allocate a time earlier in the evening, and set a time you need to log out by. You could set an alarm even, and then it's all up to the old will power. No pressing snooze and giving yourself "just 10 more minutes"! 

Otherwise, it all ends up a vicious circle. You stay up late, you get tired during the day, maybe you grab a nap in the arvo, then you end up wide awake and staying up late again. You get grumpy with the kids.... like I said, a vicious circle. 

Hope that helps Lori! 

Can anyone else offer some advice on this one? Are you experiencing the same thing? 

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