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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Blog Award and Food I LOVE (Trust Me, They Go Together.)

A very big THANK YOU to Cameron over at Ingenue Mom who was very kind to pass on this lovely award to me - The Versatile Blogger. 

Part of the deal with this award, is to give all my lovely readers a list of 7 things about moi. Now, as I've written a similar post in the past here and, taking a leaf out of Cameron's book blog as she did here, I'm going to do this slightly differently (except, not with a list of my fave books). I'm going to give you 7 foods I LOVE. Here goes:

1. Brie - If you put a whole chunk of it in front of me, consider it gone. And if my sister's in the room? Forget it. We'll both devour it and look for more. Love. It. 
2. Chocolate Mousse - What can I say? It's chocolate. It's smooth. It melts in your mouth. Really. What's not to like about it? Huh?
3. Eggs - I love them poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, even thrown in to a milk shake raw. Yep. I love 'em THAT much. With hard boiled eggs, mash 'em up and throw in some curry powder, tomato sauce, a little mayo - and you've got yourself some yummo curried egg for a sandwich. Delish.
4. Chocolate cake - Ok. I think it's becoming obvious I have a little thing for chocolate. 
5. Milo - This is getting embarrassing.
6. Smoked Salmon - Tasty. Versatile. (See? Tying in with the blog award here!) And fancy schmancy. Me like.
7. Bread - As in, like, any sort of bread. I'm a carb girl, that's for sure. And if it's a french stick served with Brie? Better still.

I could keep going. Really, I could. 

Now I need to pass this award on to 5 bloggers who are newish to my blog. (Check out their blogs. Go on!) So without further ado, congrats goes to....

Maxabella at Maxabella Loves
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Katie at No Missed Opportunities
Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM
Lucy at Diminishing Lucy

What about you? Got any fave foods you'd like to share?


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