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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

By George, I Think The 3yr Old's Got It!

I don't want to speak too soon but....oh, I'm going to anyway...I think the 3yo may have finally caught on to the whole 'going to the toilet thing'.

Those regular readers may recall I was having a few issues a while back with getting the toddler to use the toilet (new readers can view that post here). 

To be honest, at first, things didn't really improve. In fact, they got worse. I was so worried that the 3yo wasn't going to get to the toilet in time, and I was SO OVER cleaning up after his 'accidents' (especially the surprise-package-in-the-underwear ones) that I pretty much stuck with pull-ups every day. 

They were slightly successful. At first. He continued to wee in the toilet, and any 'number two' surprises were contained, as he still hadn't gotten around to telling me when that was coming. 

And then, after a few weeks, he stopped bothering to do a wee in the toilet at all. This is the exact same thing that happened with the 8yo and 6yo when toilet training. The pull-ups would last for a while, and then, quite frankly, the boys would get lazy. I mean, they're boys! If they can get around doing any extra work, they're gonna!

Last week, out of frustration over spending a fortune on pull-ups, I decided to take them off and try his underwear again. I braced myself for what I thought would be the inevitable. 

And you know what? It didn't happen.

Within the first 30 minutes of wearing his underwear, he announced, "Muuum - I need to go poo-poos!" and, surprised, but so happy he had asked, I rushed him to the toilet and...voila! He did it!

Since then, we've stuck (mostly) with the underwear, and so far...no accidents! *happy dance* Admittedly though, I'm still using the pull-ups for bigger outings, but I think having used the underwear at home now, he's started to ask to go to the toilet with the pull-ups on again. 

I'm not saying pull-ups are evil or anything - they can be quite handy at the beginning of toilet training, and I'll continue to use them for his night time sleeps etc, but in my experience, once toilet training has started, they can kind of hinder progress.

But that's just my thoughts on it. 

Now...if I can just get the 3yo to stop torturing the dog, get him to do as he's told, stop helping himself to the pantry, stop talking like Alvin from Alvin & The Chipmunks, start eating some fruit that's not pureed and stop drawing on everything other than paper, as well as a few other little things, I'll be one happy mum. 

How about you? How did your toilet training go? Got any tips for anyone out there going through the same thing right now?


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