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Friday, June 04, 2010

Hot or Not? Chris Noth

Friday comes around so fast, doesn't it? Yep. It's Hot or Not time again.

Mixed reactions last week to Reese Witherspoon's ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. Once again, I was a little surprised! Thought Jake might have a few more fans out there. That's why I love this - it's so interesting to see which celebs are favoured by ya'll.

With SATC just released in Australia this week, I thought we'd revisit the SATC stars with this week's choice. Will be interesting to see how he stacks up against his co-star John Corbett who had quite a few fans. 

This 55-year-old actor became quite the household name when he entered Carrie's world in SATC as Mr Big. For years and years we wondered what his "real name" was, and watched Mr Big and Carrie's relationship be on. Then off. Then on again. Then off again...

Will it be "off" in SATC 2? Hmmm...

Of course, since SATC finished up on our tv screens, he's been in Law & Order and more recently, The Good Wife

I like his sense of humour and all, but he's not quite my cuppa tea. But this isn't about me - it's about you. 

So, what do you think? Is Chris Noth hot, or not?


* This weekly post was inspired by Insomniac Mummy. Check out her hot or not each week. 

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