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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot or Not? Matthew Fox AND Josh Holloway

Exciting, huh? A double header for this week's Hot or Not.

You know, I think, like me, many of you quite like a funny guy, and last week's choice, Ryan Reynolds, seems proof of that. And although it seems sad to say it, I'm still cracking up at that scene between Ryan and Sandra Bullock when their naked bodies lock together in The Proposal! Ha!

Ok enough reminiscing. Who here watched Lost? To be honest, I didn't. I did to begin with, riiiight back in the day when it started, but it, ah, lost me in the end. (Sorry.) 

However, I did catch the last 10 minutes of the final show a couple of weeks ago. I had NO IDEA what was going on, but it was interesting to see everyone again. 

Anyway, Bern over at So Now What? actually suggested on Twitter the other day that Matthew Fox could be a good choice. (Actually, she wrote it as Matthew Fix at the time, and I had no idea who she was talking about at first. Typos. Gotta love 'em.)

I was thinking about Matthew (I've loved him since his Party of Five days), and then I started thinking about the "other hunk" on the show - Josh Holloway, and I wondered if many would find both celebs hot, or not, hot/not or not/hot. 

You get it, right?

So think week, I'm asking about both men to see what you think.  

So tell me - is Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway hot, or not? (You don't have to vote them collectively as one or the other - one could be hot, one not...you get the drift.)





Anonymous said...

ohhhhh my god they're the perfection i love matthew his the love of my life seriously i loveeeee him i'd be married with him

Anonymous said...

correction up there, i'd like to be married with him hahah sorry i'm spanish and i cant speak english very well

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Fox is as hot as they come. He's classically handsome with an amazing body, educated, charming, and married with children. If there was ever a perfect hunk of hot sexy man on a stick, he's it. His wife is a lucky lady. I have a great man of my own, so I just admire Matthew from afar like I admired the artwork in Italy. LOL! Who am I kidding? Matthew Fox is my porn. I have tried to find nude pics of him on the Internet.