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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ask Mummy Mayhem - 'Borrowing' Baby Names

The other day, the incredibly lovely (and pregnant), Ami of Puff Pieces, wrote a post about searching for baby names, and how she had found a name she loved for a girl. 

Only problem? She discovered the name when her husband told her about his work colleague's young daughter...with that very name. 

I asked Ami if she would like me to put the question on Ask Mummy Mayhem. Here's a snippet of what she wrote:

"So here’s my question. How far removed from someone do you have to be to use the same name? Obviously we would never name our kids the same as their first cousins or the same as our closest friend’s kids, because they would all spend lots of time together, and let’s be honest it would be pretty bloody confusing for all if there were 2 Streeter kids a couple of years apart with the same name.
But what if you don’t spend alot of time with someone whose child’s name you love? Let me explain it in the current situation that’s happening for me.
I was 85% maybe a little bit more sure that I was set on our girls name. Then hubby came home and was chatting about a work colleague who had bought their 12 month old daughter into work and how cute she was. As soon as the child’s name left his lips I was in love. I immediately thought that’s what I want to call my daughter. It’s so beautiful, and a little bit different, but still a proper name, if you know what I mean.
The problem? Well I think hubby is a little worried about using the same name as his work colleague because he sees the guy everyday and because his daughter is still very young. I, on the other hand don’t see any problems with it as our families don’t spend anytime together.
I do worry a little bit about looking like we’re ‘copying’, but ‘copying’ in a good way I think! Hubby mentioned that maybe if it had been on my list from the beginning then it might be different, but I didn’t think of it until he said this little girls name. My response was that you usually don’t think of names until you here them, or read them somewhere. Well that’s how it was for me anyway.
So, as always, what do you think? How precious are you about your kids names? And how far removed from someone do you think you have to be before it’s ok to borrow steal their baby names?!"
I think this is such a hard decision to make. First of all, if you don't have a personal relationship with Hubby's work colleague, then probably some day you won't be in touch with him and his wife at all. Therefore, if you don't take the name, that would hardly be worth giving up a name you love for nothing!

However, I absolutely see where Hubby's coming from. It might be kinda embarrassing to turn up to work having named your baby the same name as his colleague's child. But who knows? Maybe they would be flattered?

I'm not very helpful on this, am I?

Well - that's what the Mummy Mayhem community is here for. Can anyone help Ami? What should she do - just go for the name or find another?

And don't forget - if YOU have a problem for Ask Mummy Mayhem, just email me. I can keep your identity private if you like. ;) All the details on the RHS column of the homepage. 


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