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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Backhanded Compliments. Um, thanks...I think...

Backhanded compliments. You know those right? Where someone compliments you, but it feels as though they're insulting you in the same sentence? 

Years ago, when first dating Hubby, often he and I would hang out with a group of Hubby's friends from his high school days. Some of those friends Hubby had remained close to over the years; some - not so much. Therefore, we would occasionally find ourselves socialising with a particular person more so through circumstance than anything else. A package deal, if you like.

There was this one guy: Jake*. He was a wild one. Incredibly unkempt in appearance, and unkempt in manner. He was arrogant and inappropriate at all times. None of the girls liked him. In fact, he didn't seem to like us very much either. I think Jake resented his pals having girlfriends. That's not to say that he didn't have the odd love interest himself. I still cringe when I recall sitting in the well-lit lobby of an up-market hotel in Perth, whilst Jake pinned his girlfriend to a wall, kissing her as if they were in one of the rooms; not where everyone could see them. * shudder *

One night, we were sitting around at a bar, and I happened to find myself talking to Jake. I can't recall what the conversation was about, but it was at the end of the conversation I had, what I consider to be, one of the most backhanded compliments I have ever received.  

I finished saying something or other, and he looked at me for a moment, smiled slyly, chuckled to himself and then said, "You know, you're not just the dumb blond I thought you were after all. You actually sounded quite intelligent just then."


He continued to act like a jerk after that, although I hear the years have calmed him somewhat. (One would hope so.)

Anyway, this got me thinking...have you ever had a backhanded compliment? If so, I'd like to know (cos I'm nosy like that). Do tell.


* Name changed for this post.

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