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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cut Me Some Slack - I'm Coming!

Whenever we're heading out somewhere, Hubby will always inevitably become perturbed that we're not running on time. He stands at the front door, saying, "It's 6pm. We're supposed to be there by now!" And that would be fine, if it wasn't always up to me to get everyone out the door.

I do try very hard to be on time when we have to be somewhere. Honestly. But, you know, with 3 kids to get out the door it's not always easy. Even if you think you've left plenty of time to get to your destination, something last minute will almost always crop up. Like a nappy change; or someone can't find their shoe; or someone's freaking out because they've left their pile of Pokemon cards lying around somewhere and can't locate them. 

And I'd completely understand Hubby's concern if, say, I'd been lying around the house reading a book up until 15 minutes before departure time, but the reality is this....

Let's take getting ready for church this morning as an example. Here's the list of what I had to do prior to leaving (all done within a 40 minute time frame):
  • Iron clothes for 5 people
  • Get breakfast for 3 boys
  • Dress the 3yr old
  • Brush the 3yr old and 6yr old's teeth
  • Ask the 6yr old and 8yr old no less than four times to get dressed
  • Shower and get dressed myself
  • Put very little some makeup on
  • Put the dog out
  • Turn the tv off
  • Get some money for the collection plate at church
  • Put together a bag of stuff to keep the 3yr old amused
  • Lock up the house and head down to church with the 3yr old and 8yr old
Here's what Hubby had to do:
  • Shower and dress
  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink a cup of coffee
  • Wipe up some spilt milk on the kitchen floor
  • Walk the 6yr old down to church
Oh - BTW - note that I didn't get time for breakfast before we left. 

Hubby complains he doesn't know where all the clothes are, because I keep piles of ironing in the study and the like...which, is, you know..probably true. Ahem. BUT - surely there are a few things he could do to help things along a bit? Like, maybe get the kids' teeth brushed or something. Hmmm?

And so I ask you...is it acceptable that maybe, just maybe, I might run a little late on occasion?

What about you? Do you split getting the kids ready with your partner, or are you or your partner the main coordinator for outings?


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