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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot or Not? Adrian Grenier

Welcome to Mummy Mayhem's weekly Hot or Not. Each week, we check out someone well known (actor, sportsman, singer etc) and decide whether he has the "hot" factor or...well, just doesn't.

Last week I put to you Tom Cruise. I expected, considering Tom's couch-jumping ways etc in recent years, that some of you may have lost the "hot" vibe for Tom. But it was nice to see that a number of ya'll still thought Tom had what it takes. Seems there's not much argument that the characters he plays are hot..it's just his personal life is, well, somewhat weird - hence, a little off-putting at times.

Seeing that Hubby is away at the mo, I've been indulging in a little tv/DVD viewing. I'm a big fan of HBO's Entourage. Just love it. Its very slick, and I love all the guest appearances (and the character, Ari Gold is just..gold). Hubby bought me Season 4 for Christmas. Unfortunately, I'd already seen it. He only returned it a couple of weeks ago, and came home with...The Fixer. (What the?) Well, actually, it was sold out. But I got lucky. Not only were there plenty in store the other day, but on special as well. ;)

In Entourage, Adrian plays the "star" attempting to conquer Hollywood. He really fits the role. I heard that prior to the show, he didn't really "do" tv. Well thank goodness he changed his mind, huh? And as my friend, Mardi, recently said: his eyes are amazing. (Not that I didn't notice, to be honest.)

I pretty much watched Season 5 of Entourage in one week, and then I heard Season 6 is coming out this month (in about a week from memory. I'd Google that for you, but I'm a bit lazy. Sorry). Hence, the timing is quite appropriate.

Here's the trailer for Season 6 of Entourage

Adrian is not only an actor, but he's also an activist. Here's a clip I found the other night which shows Adrian talking about the threat of tuna becoming extinct:

So, what do you think? Is Adrian Grenier hot, or not?


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