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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot or Not? Andy Garcia

Has a WHOLE week really passed? Truly? Unbelievable. 

Welcome to Mummy Mayhem's weekly Hot or Not

Well, last week Matt Damon well and truly took home the "hot" title. Very popular lad that he is with all of you. ;) 

This week's choice, Andy Garcia, came to me when walking past a jewellery store at my local Westfield. I saw a print ad of him selling watches or something. I'm not sure, because I was so taken with his good looks! (Oh wait - I found the pic. It WAS watches.)

Granted, the photo was no doubt airbrushed to death, but who cares? I've always thought Andy Garcia has that something special. He's quite magnetic on screen or something. I first really noticed him in When A Man Loves a Woman with Meg Ryan. And, of course, who could forget his role in The Godfather Part III and Oceans Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen? Of course, he isn't as young and thin and wrinkle-free as he used to be, but then, neither am I. ;) 

What do you think? Is Andy Garcia hot, or not?


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