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Friday, July 02, 2010

Hot or Not? Bear Grylls

Welcome to Hot or Not. Each Friday, I post a pic of a celeb/well known person and we decide if he is, well, Hot or Not!

Last week, soccer player David Beckham received a mostly warm response. Most agreed the man is hot. He just...shouldn't talk. (Harsh...but, you know, I get it.)

This week's Hot or Not, Bear Grylls, was suggested to me by the very lovely Megan over at Writing Out Loud. It was Megan's birthday yesterday (and her very special 30th to boot) so of course, how could I not go with her suggestion? She was probably blowing out the candles on her birthday cake last night, wishing, 'I hope Mummy Mayhem has Bear Grylls on Hot or Not this week.' In fact, I'm certain of it. 

Bear and I appeared on radio together once. Ok, that's not entirely accurate. In actual fact, I spoke with Carol Duncan of ABC Newcastle right after an interview with Bear aired, and was asked a question about him. But that's almost the same thing. Right?

This ex-UK Special Forces serviceman is now, of course, the main event on Man vs Wild. If there's one guy you want stranded with you in a desert or a forest or the bush - it's Bear. Even if he does often do things like drink fluid squeezed out of elephant poo. (Yes. Really.)

He is popular in our house. The boys and Hubby all gather around the tv marvelling in his skills, I in his ability to look, well, lovely whilst performing such feats of strength.

Here's Bear talking to Letterman about his work on Man vs Wild, back in 2008. It includes some clips from show as well.

So people, whaddya think? Is Bear Grylls hot, or not?

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*This weekly post was inspired my Insomniac Mummy's Hot or Not.


h4n4 said...

omg yes hes hella sexy!!

Anonymous said...

omg yes hes hella sexy!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh yeah! Bear Grylls is amazingly attractive...

Anonymous said...

yea baby hes as hot as hell!

Sasabeng said...

Yes, oh yes, yes yes yes definitely H-O-T!!!!!!!