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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'd Just Like To Thank...

I received three lovely blog awards recently. I'm as pleased as punch!

As I have been very fortunate to receive the first two awards previously, and passed them on, I'm going to be a bit of a rebel and just take this opportunity to say a couple of things.

Firstly - A huge THANK YOU to.... 

The very gorgeous Thea over at Do I Really Wanna Blog? who passed on the The Versatile Blogger Award to me. 

And the lovely Shelly over at Tropical Mum who passed on the Circle Of Friends Award to me.

Thank you so much ladies! I really do appreciate it. 

Please check out both blogs. These gals are gorgeous and their blogs are AWESOME!

I also received this gorgeous award from Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart (isn't that just a gorgeous blog name?) and I'm so thrilled.  

Michelle gave me this award as I'm one of four of her fave blogs at the moment. A HUGE thank you to you, Michelle. I may pass this on soon, so look out for that! 

Secondly, I'd just like to say how happy I am that I recently (and rather belatedly) discovered my Google Reader. I've been reading and discovering a lot more blogs as of late, and I'm looking forward to getting to know all you beautiful bloggers out there I've 'met' to date, as well as getting to read more of your stuff! (Which is really what The Versatile Blogger Award is about - introducing blogs you've recently discovered, or bloggers who have recently discovered your blog.) Some weeks, I may not get to as many of your posts as I'd like to, but that's only because I have a busy life around here at Chez Ansted - especially with school holidays at the moment and Hubby cycling around the French Alps as I type this. (I know. He owes me BIG time.) But I will get there, because I love reading them all.  

So, a BIG HOWDY not only to all my fellow bloggers, but also to ALL my fabulous Mummy Mayhem readers (bloggers or otherwise) out there. If I could give you ALL an award, I would, so instead, please accept my gratitude that you're popping in here. 


Oh, and...please - come back later this morning for this week's Hot or Not?


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