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Sunday, July 25, 2010

So, What's On Your Mind?

Seeing that I'm not sure I have a real blog post in me right now, I figured I'd tell you what's on my mind at the moment, and ask what's on yours?

I tell you – I couldn’t be a blogger who continually posts “controversial” posts (even unintentional ones) because it would just be too darn exhausting!

I am so tired after the recent events on here these last few days. So much so in fact, I just don’t think I have a blog post in me for tonight.

But I will tell you what’s on my mind instead: the loss of friendship.

I've had friendships end before - but in a more natural, gradual kind of way. We've grown apart or one of us has moved interstate, or we've gotten busy and, because we didn't have a close friendship in the first place, eventually the catch ups don't happen anymore and that's that. 

I did end a friendship in my early 20s once, without much explanation to that person (I just stopped calling etc) because I was tired of this girl trying to embarrass me and my friends in front of people who meant something to us. (The breaking point for me was when she brought up my very average TEE (Tertiary Entrance Examination) score in front of my very intelligent and straight-A student Hubby - who was my fairly new-ish boyfriend at the time. When I discussed it with him later, he said, "I don't care what score you got on your TEE. I think you're very intelligent," and I fell even more in love with him. ;) )

And there are the friends who, although were like family to Hubby, I and the kids, just stopped keeping in touch. But that's probably a whole new blog post sometime. ;) 

But I can't say, until now, that I've ever had a friendship disintegrate so quickly over a difference of opinion, and (some unintentional) hurtful comments; but that's exactly what happened to me during the process of writing my post on blog comments the other day. Although our friendship wasn't exactly strained by the post itself, the post was the catalyst for what came next. In short, my Twitter pal and I disagreed and said some hurtful things, and are no longer "following" each other. (I know - we're SO high school, right?) However, we have sorted things a bit via email, and I would say we are now OK-ish. (It will take some time to get over the pain of the weekend.) But I guess what has surprised me is how quickly it went from good to bad. Pretty much over a 12 hour period. Less even.  

Is it because it's the online world? It's so easy just to shut someone out of your life if you choose to when you don't have someone's mobile or home phone number, and the best you've come to "seeing" each other, is by looking at their avatar most days. I saw someone tweet a blog post the other night (my apologies for not remembering who - and if it's yours, please put your hand up and include a link!) asking something along the lines of, "Are online friends really your friend?" or similar. I'd like to know what people think of that. 

I like to think they can be. I guess it's when you start taking things to email or DMs on Twitter and letting that person in a little more and giving them a little more of you that makes all the difference. And then you meet IRL and friendships can form from there. I find it kinda annoying when my real life friends poo-poo the idea that you can have 'friends' online. I often get the whole, "But they're not really your friends." But I admit - I think of a lot of my blog and Twitter pals as 'friends'. Is that wrong? In my mind, the friendship is just a little different, that's all. 

But anyway, that's just what's on my mind at the moment. What's on yours? Talk about anything you like. I'm not fussed. 


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