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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot or Not? Robbie Williams

Is he hot, or is he not? That is the (big) question we ask here on Mummy Mayhem every Friday. 

Yes - we're dealing with all the big issues here. There's no doubt about it. 

Firstly, last week's choice of Stanley Tucci was described by some as a "surprise choice." Indeed he was, but he still managed to get a few 'hot' votes nonetheless. Go Stanley!

Last weekend, I was chatting with my friend, Bron about Hot or Not, and we were talking about past celebs, and it was she who suggested this week's choice of bad boy turned good: recently married singer and ex-Take That band member, Robbie Williams.

Yes - Robbie is off the shelf, ladies, and over the years, he seems to have moved from rock n roll bad boy to committed singer, boyfriend and now husband. I wonder if the 'new' Robbie is as appealing these days to some of my readers? Hmmm? 

Now in the past, a couple of bad boys have had quite a good rating here on Hot or Not. There was Russell Crowe (mixed response, but lots of 'hot' votes too), and one of the most successful of all choices to date - Robert Downey Jnr who racked up a respectable amount of 'hot' votes. 

So, I'm curious...how does Robbie Williams rate with you? Is he hot, or not?


*This weekly post was inspired by Insomniac Mummy's weekly Hot or Not. 

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