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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kidspot - Top 50 Bloggers for 2010

Oh - excitement PLUS!

Kidspot - Australia's largest parenting and pregnancy website - has just announced who its Top 50 Bloggers are for 2010

Guess what?

YES! I am one of them. Thank you Kidspot!

I feel so very privileged, and a little unworthy - because there are so many wonderful blogs out there. Many of those listed in the Top 50, I already follow myself, so being a part of such a group is a huge honour. (And a HUGE congrats to all those on the list. :) )

There's a bit of a voting thing going on with this too. Basically, you can vote for your fave blogger, and the blogger who receives the most votes, will win a trip to Dunk Island. 

To be honest...I don't like my chances. I'm up against some pretty heavy competition. So really, my aim here is to not feel like a bit of a no-mate, and try to muster together a few votes for myself at least. ;)

So, if you feel like voting, I'd appreciate it. Just click HERE or on the button in my RHS column, and vote away. I'd offer to take you with me in the remote chance that I do win the holiday, but I just don't think Hubby is going to go for that. (Just sayin'.)

But I WILL love you for your efforts. MWAH!

Now, off you go....click, click, click.


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