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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She Who Procrastinateth Too Much

It’s confession time, people. I’ve been putting off telling you the truth on this because, quite frankly…well…the admission will explain all.

Hi. My name is Jodie Ansted and I’m a hopeless procrastinator.

Yes – it’s a horrible infliction that I’ve had since childbirth. I’m what you might call a ‘gonna’. I’m gonna clean the bathroom. I’m gonna do the ironing. I’m gonna write that blog post about my trip to Melbourne. (Truly – I really am.) I put things off and off and off until I’m so stressed out about doing it, I can barely function, and then there are always consequences.

Take the school newsletter for example. In the beginning, when I started writing the P&F pages for it early last year, I was writing the newsletter - at the very least - DAYS in advance, if not weeks. Seriously, I would be walking at the local park, and I’d suddenly have an idea about what to write, and I’d practically sprint home and sit down and write it.

And even though I didn't really have to send the newsletter through before 8am every Wednesday (when it's published), at the latest, I was almost always emailing it by noon on the Tuesday - if not earlier.

And now? Well, last week’s effort is a good example. I started writing it on Wednesday morning. That’s right after the 8am cut-off. (I ended up sending it through about 11.30am, which they were fine about at the school, but really...not good enough!) 

This week wasn’t much better – ok, slightly better – but only by a hair. I started writing it last night. Yes - Tuesday night. But better still – I hadn’t finished it by this morning (Wednesday), so there I was trying to get kids off to school whilst frantically trying to finish it off. I was determined to send it through before my sons’ sports programme, because we were doing a spot of shopping afterwards and I knew I wouldn't be home to send it through until after lunch – which is basically when it’s emailed around to parents. Yup. A little late. And I did send in through this morning – but at a price.

Firstly, we were late to the 3yo’s sports programme. Not too late, but late enough, you know? But better still – I hadn’t had time to, ah, really get dressed properly. I had my jeans on, boots, a jacket but I also had my, um, pyjama top on under my jacket. That’s right. My pjs. I only had time before leaving home to brush my teeth and wash my face before I was out the door: my top, bras and mascara bundled up in my bag. Once I had arrived, it was off to the ladies - after depositing the 3yo in his class - to get changed and sort myself out. That was, after I had hurriedly pulled out the 3yo’s hat from my bag - surrounded by other mothers already sipping their morning coffees - only to have my bras fall out and land on the floor – which I only discovered after the 3yo’s hat was put on his head and I’d popped a little sunscreen on his face.


How about you? Are you a ‘gonna’? If so, what do you procrastinate about - and have you ever found your bras lying on the floor in the middle of a café? *Sigh*


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