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Monday, August 02, 2010

SO Tired! (Yawn)

I'm quite sure, if it was at all possible (it isn't), that I could lie down and sleep for 3 hours this morning. I am that tired. 

A while back I wrote about needing a break (here), and on the weekend just passed, I finally got one. I flew to Melbourne with my lovely friend, Jen and we had the best time. We were on the go. Let me tell you - shopping, socialising and dining out is tiring! There were six other mums from my sons' school there too, and we all had such fun catching up. 

But I'm far too tired to tell you about it just now, but I promise an update soon. I just need to food shop, take the 3yo to swimming and rest this afternoon (should I be able to convince the 3yo to do the same). Then I'm back on board. Pinky swear.

Hope you've all been well. :)


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