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Monday, August 23, 2010

So, What's On Your Mind?

Here's what's been on my mind a LOT lately: it's now less than 4 weeks away to the big 4-0. 

You know - I've been thinking about my 40th birthday for years now (but more so as of late). As I wrote in this post, unlike some, I've never been too worried about getting older, and I've always planned some sort of celebration for the big day. 

However, as the big day has drawn closer, I've often found myself suddenly disillusioned with the whole thing - mostly due to the fact that I just couldn't decide what I wanted to actually do to mark the occasion.

Then after all this thinking about what I wanted to do, I suddenly realised it was August already, and my birthday was a mere month and a half away. Minor freak out!

Years ago, I always imagined a party - most likely held at home - and I was going to have a 70s theme (seeing that I was born at the start of the 70s and all). I imagined passing around hors o'dourves like my Mum used to make for her and Dad's parties back when I was a kid. Like toothpicks with cubed cheese, gherkin and pickled onions; home-baked quiches and 'little boys' (frankfurters on toothpicks, wrapped in bacon); and my favourite back then: a slice of white bread, crusts removed, covered in mustard and then a slice of cheese put on top and a couple of pieces of tinned asparagus rolled up in to it all, and held together with - you guessed it - a toothpick, and baked in the oven. Hmmmm. Delicious. ;)

But eventually, I went off the 70s theme idea. What can I say? It's a women's prerogative and all that. 

Then I went through a stage where I thought I wanted to take a trip to a tropical island of some sort with a bunch of girlfriends. You know, spend a few days lazing around a pool, sipping cocktails and then dining in sarongs or maxi dresses in the evening. However, I soon realised that that would not be a great idea. Firstly, it would be kinda nice to have Hubby with me as I reach my 40th year. Secondly, my close friends are made up of people I've known since high school, and a few I've met since living in Sydney, and not everyone knows each other. Awkward. After all, as we all know, just because you love someone and think they're great, it doesn't guarantee that another of your friends will see that person in the same light as you do. Life just doesn't work that way. 

So then I went back to the whole party idea. At the beginning of this year, I still imagined a party at home - catered for of course, and perhaps with a white marquee set up in the backyard (just without the 'theme'). There was just one catch: the 'home' I had in mind was not the home we are currently in. Our house is by no means 'tiny', but it's not big enough to have guests over and expect the kids not to get in the way. At the beginning of the year, we were casually looking at houses with a bit more space (our boys aren't getting any smaller with time), and there were a couple of times we thought we may have found just the right thing. (And each time, I could imagine myself at my 40th birthday party there.) However, the house purchase never happened, and in the end, we got tired of looking for a new place and eventually gave up the hunt. 

Hence, the party at home plan was shelved.

After tossing around a bunch of ideas in my head (harbour cruise? Nope. Don't like to get stuck on a boat. Local bowling alley perhaps? Nah. I want to wear a frock, and bowling shoes just doesn't go with ruffles I imagine. A dinner at a nice restaurant in a private room? No, I'd sit down and not get up and mingle. Just too darn lazy!) and then I realised something. Just like when Hubby and I got married, I had to decide what I felt most comfortable doing. You see, I think there's some sort of pressure, when it's your 40th (just like a wedding), to have a more sophisticated affair than what you had for your 18th or 21st birthday parties. And although I can behave quite appropriately in fine dining restaurants and at cocktail parties (I promise) - and enjoy them -  I'm more at home in a relaxed environment such as a cafe or at the local pub. 

So eventually, it hit me. It was obvious, and just last Thursday, in fact, I booked it. A venue where I also had my 30th (which is why it originally wasn't on my radar, I think). It's at a fairly local pub that has some nice function rooms and catering and a jukebox and...well, everything one needs really to have a pretty good time (and I can wear my frock with ruffles). Hubby and I used to live close by to there, and frequented it often in the early days after we moved to Sydney. We also met up with pals there the night before our wedding back in 2000 for a drink and we've had some great get-togethers there with my 8yo's soccer team parents in the past. I guess it's fair to say it holds some sentimental value with me. It's a place where I feel very comfortable, and I have some very fond memories of past celebrations there. 

It's fortunate that it was available so late in the game. Since booking it, I've felt more relaxed and very happy with my birthday plans - and it's got me thinking now about the preparations, the menu, the decorations, the champagne I want to serve. My mind is a hive of activity over 40th birthday plans! 

So that's what's been on my mind lately.

I am happy to say that I've also finally started (albeit incredibly belatedly) my quest to become fabulous, fit and forty just this past week - by hitting the treadmill and cutting back on some of the crap I've been eating lately. I'm drinking more water too - I need the skin to glow on the night, now don't I?! ;)

Speaking of skin...the lovely bellaMUMMA asked me to take part in her weekly post, Glow and Tell this week. So why don't you pop over there and read about what beauty products I'm in to, and what the best beauty advice I have been given is. What fun!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the party plans. Believe me: you'll hear ALL about it! I'm so excited.  

But for now, what don't you tell me what's on your mind right now? Happy or sad...whatever it is...feel free to share. :)


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