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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warm weather means Maxi dresses...or does it?

The weather has warmed up so much in Sydney today, I've put my three-quarter pants on for the first time in months. The 3yo is running around in a t-shirt and shorts. What a difference to yesterday, when I had a turtle-neck skivvy, cardi, jeans and long boots on!

Last year, I bought my first maxi dress. I was in some shop (can't remember which one) and the colours caught my eye. I tried it on, and thought: 'Why not? Lots of women are wearing them now," and certainly, I'd seen some really lovely maxi dresses on other friends and thought they'd looked beautiful in them. 

When I brought it home and showed Hubby, he was not as excited about my new purchase as I was. "What is that?" he asked. "Don't pregnant women wear those? It looks like a hessian sack."

I couldn't believe it! I thought it looked feminine and flowing and cool and fashionable. 

Turns out, Hubby isn't the only male that thinks this way. 

My friend bought a maxi dress online recently, and her husband made similar comments. He said something along the lines of, "It looks like it's too tight where it shouldn't be, and too loose where it shouldn't be." 

I think women love maxi dresses because they hide muffin tops and a multitude of body sins, but men just don't seem to be as impressed with them. I recall reading about this on another blog, and there were plenty of men who made similar comments to my husband's on that post!

Do you wear maxi dresses? Do you have a partner, and does he like them or not? Will you be wearing one this summer? If not - what will you be wearing? I could always use some fashion tips. 

As for me: I'm a bit put off wearing my maxi dress around Hubby now - but I'm sure that when I'm with my girlfriends, I'll get it out of the wardrobe for a wear, and Hubby won't be any the wiser. ;)


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