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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Goodbye 30s, and helloooo 40s...

Finally, after months of excitement (purely on my part - I don't assume you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this day) my 40th birthday has arrived. Hooray!

It will be a busy day. Hubby has just left with the 3yo to collect my cake for tonight (let's hope the 3yo doesn't convince him he can carry it), and then at 12.45pm, I'll be relaxing in a chair at the hair salon for a couple of hours to have my tresses tended to. Sigh. Re-lax-ing. Then it will be off to the party venue to blow up 100 balloons with helium! (I'm a kid at heart.)

Now after this post, you might be wondering what Hubby bought me. Check it out...

My Chloe bag from Hubby

Isn't it gorgeous? He knows I love handbags, so this is a very, very thoughtful gift indeed. He was a bit worried that a) it looks a bit squished at the moment (we'll soon fix that) and b) that it might not be my taste colour-wise, but I really like it because it's different! I'm usually quite conservative with my colour choices in, well, everything, so this makes the bag even more spesh. 

Now just FYI - here's a little of what's happening tonight... 

This is what I'm wearing:

My Veronika Maine dress I bought in Melbourne

These are my accessories:

Silver all the way

Here are my lovely new shoes (love!):

I hope they're comfy!

Time to party!

I'm looking forward to the next decade. I've always believed there's no point worrying about age - there's nothing you can do about it - just embrace it! - and I plan to do just that.

Finally, I'd like to say that to date I've had the best life. I have the fondest memories of childhood, and I owe a lot of that to my parents who always just wanted me to be happy. And I have a very blessed life thanks to my family (darling Hubby and my gorgeous boys especially, of course) and my beautiful friends. Both the IRL and online ones I've made over the past year! (Thanks to all those who have sent me gorgeous birthday messages on Twitter! xxx)

Quite simply: life is good. 

Everything else will be revealed on Monday....so stop by. I hope to have some pics from the night ready to publish. 

Until then my lovelies...enjoy your Saturday, and if you feel like it tonight, have a drink for me, ok? ;)

(Birthday Girl)

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