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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big Night

So I turned 40. It was an amazing day. And night. ;)

All of Saturday was pretty relaxing. I had a number of text messages from friends wishing me well, and some beautiful b'day messages on Twitter! Then I mostly pottered around the house with the kids before heading out to the hair salon to spend close to three hours reading trashy magazines having my tresses tended to. My new hair stylist, Karen, and I had a great chat about the whole process of getting ready for just. one. night. Exhausting! Karen and I had the same thought: why would you want to do this all the time? I'm just not up to it on a regular basis, but it was kinda fun for one special night. ;)

Then it was off to the venue to blow up 100 balloons with helium. Unfortunately, the party shop didn't have clips, so I had to hand tie the balloons, resulting in a birthday preparations type injury - taking skin off my finger in the process! Ah - the things we do.

Then we raced home, Hubby fed the boys (incredibly nutritious hot dogs - ahem) and we frocked up.

Here's the pic I posted on Twitter as I was about to leave...

As we took off in the car, I experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Well, an accessories one. Don't panic - it wasn't a la Janet Jackson style. ;)  The new silver earrings I had bought especially for the occasion broke, and Hubby had to turn the car around and head home so I could replace them (after suggesting that perhaps I could go without earrings...pffft...yeah, right).

Raced inside, picked up some hoops, jumped back in the car, got down the road about 100 metres and realised that I had two different hoop earrings. Uh-oh. Hubby didn't say much when I told him we had to turn back. Again. This time, I made sure I grabbed two pairs and we were finally on our way.

When we got there, Hubby dropped me off so I could set up and he could find a car space. We took our own iPod and here's the music list...

I threw it together so quickly from various playlists on my iPod, as well as downloaded a few newbies on the day. One of the best compliments I received on the night was from one of our 20-something-yr-old waitresses who said that she was really enjoying my music and a lot of the songs were her favourites. Yep. A cooool 40 yr old woman. ;)

I also put together a photo board with pics of me from a newborn up until my recent trip to Melbourne with friends. Here's some of the pics from the board...

Guest dined on the following:

  • Baby Whiting with Homemade Tartar Sauce
  • Spring Rolls
  • Sushi
  • Mini Gourmet Pies
  • Mini Quiche
  • Mixed Olive Bread
  • Selection of Gourmet Pizza

We also had champagne, white wine, beer and red wine (although none of the red was consumed in the end). Then we had cake. Unfortunately, we didn't get a proper pic of the cake until it was already cut and the candles removed! But here's one that shows it a little...

In fact, we didn't take photos until well in to the night - we were just so busy mingling! - but I did manage to get a pic with my beautiful friend, Jen before she left for the evening (she stayed until after 10.30pm, but she was running the Sydney half marathon the next day with her Hubby, which she ran in 2 hours and 8 minutes I might add! Well done, hon)!

I wish I'd gotten a photo with my friend, Mardi as well, although I'm not sure how she'd feel about me posting it - I'd have to ask her! Both Mardi and Jen are my bestest girlfriends because they are the most supportive, encouraging, caring and fun friends. They are completely reliable and trustworthy and I feel very lucky to have them in my life. 

Mardi (and her Hubby) bought me the most gorgeous nightie...can't wait to wear it...

And Jen, together with a bunch of my girlfriends: Fiona, Susie, Tash, Liz, Angela, Mary, Jo, Michele & Kate (and all their gorgeous Hubbies!) bought me this...

I've only wanted a Pandora bracelet for, like, FOREVER! Thanks again lovely ladies...xxx

Another person I'm fortunate to have in my life, apart from my gorgeous 3 boys of course, is my husband...or Hubby, as you know him. Not only did he buy me an amazing gift to mark this special occasion (which I took with me and everyone admired on the night), but he's always out to make me happy and he really is the LOML. He took these pics of me at the end of the night, just after midnight, after all the guests had left. I look kind of drunk - but I only had 4 small champers! half asleep in the first one and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing in the second. Winking perhaps? Yes, let's go with that. 

Think I had better practice my photo stance, huh?

Anyway, it 'twas a fun, fun, FUN night. 

The next day, my gorgeous three boys made me this cake and decorated it (we didn't really have time on Saturday). They even did the icing themselves. Yep. Regular little Masterchefs my boys...

Anyway...that's it for another....10 years I imagine. Hope to see you here on my 50th...God willing...


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ejorpin said...

Oh wow! Sounds like an amazing beautiful birthday celebration, and you look hot hot hot even in the face of (ahem) 4 small (?) champers