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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gift of a Mother's Hindsight: For Tina and Ami

If you're a Mum, what advice would you have given yourself when pregnant with your first child, now knowing what you do, and what would you recommend a first time (rather overwhelmed) mum buy for her new baby?

I originally saw this video on Mamamia. Immediately, I thought of my niece, Tina (my age), who is pregnant with her first child, and my lovely bloggy friend, Ami from Puff Pieces - also pregnant with her first baby (little Tic Tac). 

This video was made by Nummies Nursing Bras who asked a bunch of mothers to give their reflections on motherhood, and here's what they came up with:

I get choked up every time I watch it. 

My advice? It really is true when people tell you to "sleep when the baby sleeps." I didn't, and I regretted it with my first. Don't worry about the housework. Get that take-out meal if you need to. Enjoy your baby!

Turns out, my niece is also a little overwhelmed with all the baby stuff out there on the market. She's feeling rather anxious about which pram to buy (I think she wants a jogger pram, as she'd like to go running when bubs is born - she's just not sure which one) and, in fact, is not sure what stuff she needs at all! I thought you might all be able to help with this one. Perhaps, if you've had a baby, you could make a suggestion of something great to buy, as well as something you think is not worth the money. 

I'll go first...I think a baby monitor is great. We used the Angelcare heart rate monitor. When the 8yo moved from our room to the nursery, I was nervous because he used to bring up his milk, and I was paranoid he'd choke on it. Having the monitor gave me great comfort to know that if he stopped breathing, I would know about it. These monitors make some people more nervous, but I found it such a big comfort, the other two boys went straight in to the nursery after being born (and hence, I slept better as well)!

And a waste of money? Those machines that warm up the baby wipes. Sheesh. If you're that worried, warm them up in your hands. In my opinion, you may as well flush your cash down the toilet with that one. ;)

And now, over to you....what should Tina buy, and what shouldn't she?


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