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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hot or Not? Jon Bon Jovi

Time to rock it out with this week's Hot or Not...

Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg received an overwhelming HOT vote last week. Seems he is still funky in all our eyes. ;)

My sister is in town visiting at the moment, so guess what? She gets Hot or Not choice this week. 

Now, even though my sister's first love will always be Elvis, I found out just yesterday that she thinks Jon Bon Jovi is a bit of alright!

I have to admit - there's something about Jon. I love seeing him act, actually. He has those smouldering good looks. Of course, in high school Livin on a Prayer was a HUGE hit. Here's a bit of a trip back to that time:

All I can say is: thank goodness the hair has changed over the years.

But of course, as always, this isn't up to me - or my sister - it's up to you. What do you think? Is Jon Bon Jovi hot, or not?


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