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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It Takes a Village...

The "looking fabulous" part of my 40th birthday party is proving exhausting, and I'm not even doing most of the work!

I've come to realise in the last week, especially, that celebrities don't just throw on an outfit, slap on some makeup, slip on a pair of shoes and walk the red carpet. Oh, no siree. There is so much more involved.

Of course, I want to look especially nice for my birthday party on Saturday. In fact, I'm definitely going to a lot more effort than when I got married 10 years ago. (It still frustrates me to see a picture of the back of my dress and my dry elbows staring me in the face. Sigh.) Why? I think it's age related. I was youngish when I got married. Age was on my side. Now? Not so much. You know, in years to come, I want my kids to look back on my birthday photos and say, "Wow, Mum. You looked great at 40!" (Ah, well. One can only dream.) 

Anyway, in preparation to help along with the "fabulous" part of my "Fabulous, Fit & Forty" plan, I organised the following, (which took me a number of phone calls and re-scheduling to work out, I might add):

Today: Leg wax (Haven't had a leg wax in years - oh, but don't picture hairy monster legs - I have been shaving. Oh wait - I haven't shaved for a while so...go ahead and picture those hairy monster legs then. If you dare.)

Is orange the new brown?
Friday: Manicure, pedicure and (gulp) spray tan (I've never had a spray tan in my life, so I'm decidedly nervous about it, but I'm keen to try it. My friend, Mardi, had one for her 40th and she looked A-MA-ZING! But it's going through my mind constantly: what if I come out looking like Lindsay Lohan? Yikes.)

Saturday: Hair cut, colour and style (MUST have fabulous hair for my party.)

And in preparation for all these appointments, I had to do the following: exfoliate and moisturize my body daily, if not twice a day; and try not to break anymore nails (ah, yeah, that's not really going so well).

That sounds pretty simple, but do you realise how much extra time it takes to exfoliate and moisturize every. single. day? Every time I do it, I think: who has time for this? 

I've always had a fairly fuss-free beauty routine. I'm not obsessed with looking good 24/7. I once worked with a girl who walked in to work every day looking nothing short of fabulous. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect outfit. I was never like that, and never interested in being that person. Too hard. Most days, I wear little make up and really only use the good stuff for special occasions. I hardly EVER paint my fingernails these days, and only do my toe nails during summer (and, admittedly, I cheat a lot - I look down and see chipping and rather than take the old stuff off and start again, I just top up some times! I know, I know...that's very naughty of me). 

HOWEVER...I'd be lying if I said my skin wasn't benefiting this week from all the extra attention. My usually dry hands, knees and elbows are not so dry. My feet are usually the worst - cracked heels...the works. But after using some heel balm, they're doing ok. 

I guess I'm starting to think it's ok to spend a bit of extra time on me

The only thing standing in the way of a bunch of people helping me to look alright, is the 8yr old's health. He has been unwell the last few days (a virus of some sort), and has been home from school. He's much better today, but not well enough to go to school so I had to cancel my leg waxing for this morning, but managed to move it to tonight. Phew. Tomorrow, if he's not quite right for school, he should be ok to go with me (the 3yo will be at daycare) and play his DS or read his book. He won't mind (I hope). But we'll see. I can do everything but the spray tan myself if push comes to shove, and at the end of the day, the main thing is that he's ok. It won't be the end of the world if I have to forego the village of helpers. ;) 

In one way, I'll be glad when the whole pressure to look extra nice after this party is off, but I suspect I'm the only person putting that pressure on myself. ;) The main thing is: I'm excited and it's fun to be pampered for a change. 

Now, whilst you're here, I just wanted to let you know that Hot or Not will be posted tomorrow (Friday) as per usual, and on Saturday I'll hopefully get around to putting together a special little 40th birthday post. (I'm really not shy about sharing my birthday with ya'll, am I?) It'll be a sort of little look in to what the day and night will hold for me - and I'm thinking I'll post the mystery birthday gift from Hubby as well! (The parcel arrived as planned. I can say this: it's not a bike. ;) ) Next week, I'll post some more pics from my party on Saturday night. 

I. Am. So. Excited.

I'm quite sure you'll be SO over my birthday by then, won't you?

Until tomorrow...


PS - Yesterday the very lovely Belinda over at Cupcakes Frocks and Pink (isn't that a great blog name?) conducted a little email interview with me. You can read it here

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