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Monday, September 13, 2010

(More) Antics of a 3 Year Old

For regular readers of this blog, it will come as no surprise to you that the 3yr old has been up to more of his old tricks. In fact, he's found some new ones. Even one that proved potentially life threatening to all of us, including himself. Sigh.

In the past, the 3yr old hasn't failed to surprise me with his antics. I guess I had hoped that as he moved closer to the age of 4 (which he'll be in just over 3 months' time) that he would eventually cease drawing on the table, and putting stickers on the floorboards, and throwing his tissues and/or scrunched up serviettes on the floor once he's done with them. But no. All of this (and more) continues.

For some reason, throwing things in the toilet has become a favourite pastime of my youngest. I found a mail brochure in the toilet once, my shower cap another time and just a week ago a whole roll of toilet paper was soaking away in there. He's also decided that when he does 'number twos' that wiping his bottom is just so yesterday! I mean, why throw toilet paper in the toilet when the JB HiFi catalogue looks sooooo more interesting floatin' around in there?

Following on from the toilet theme (sorry), the 3yr old seems to hold a fascination with toilet paper. I have to make sure it's placed high up in cupboards, otherwise if he finds lovely, new, full rolls of the stuff, this is what he'll do with it:

Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll 'em...

He also seems to think that a cricket bat makes an excellent stand in for a Star Wars light sabre, and his brothers make excellent stand ins as Jedi Knights. He likes to go for the surprise attack. You know - the whack-his-brothers-on-the-back-when-they-least-expect-it kinda thing. (Which, you can imagine, goes down really well with the 8yo an 6yo.)

At church yesterday, he discovered that if he climbed one of the pews up against the wall, he could then hang from a bar across the window. I turned around just as he was frantically trying to find his footing as he hung from the bar. Geez Louise.

In fact, church all up is a place that the 3yr old really extends himself. During communion, I led him towards Father Peter for a blessing, and rather than cross his arms nicely against his chest (as was instructed of him) he put his hands on his hips instead and did this strange, side to side walk like he was Superman strutting the catwalk or something. Later, as we left morning tea that followed church, he got upset that I had carried him up some stairs outside before re-entering church to leave, and commenced a rather LARGE and LOUD tantrum - right in the middle of the church as we were passing through it. I had to lift him and carry him down the street - upside down - before he decided he'd rather walk home quietly (refusing my hand, but happy to take the 8yr old's).

But yesterday morning he did something that really just blew my mind away.

He got up - along with his 8yr old brother - at the crack of dawn, and obviously decided after watching a little tv with his brother that he was hungry and would make himself some breakfast. Now, this isn't an unusual practice to be honest. He has attempted on more than one occasion to pour himself a bowl of Nutrigrain or Cornflakes or the like, almost always spilling milk on the floor, of course. However, yesterday he decided toast would do the trick to ease his hunger pains.

The night before, I had left my plastic Recipe folder on top of the toaster. I had meant to put it away, but had forgotten (nothing unusual there). The 3yr old obviously found it blocking the way of making his toast, and so took it off, put in a slice of bread, and them promptly put the folder back on top of the toaster.

The 8yr old came running in to our room shouting, "Muuuuum! [The 3 yr old] has set the toaster on fire!" Well - thankfully - it wasn't on fire as such, however the plastic recipe folder had started to melt and was omitting, no doubt, noxious gases in to the kitchen. At the very least, the toaster was, well...toast. The plastic had melted down in to it and there's no way we'd have been able to clean it out.

The plastic from the recipe folder has melted in to the toaster

My recipe folder will also have to be replaced...

That's a recipe in the folder you can see there

I think we're just lucky he didn't decide to place the pile of recipes that I had cut out from magazines, and were sitting nearby on the kitchen bench, on top of the toaster as well. Phew.

Wish me luck, people. 


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