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Friday, September 24, 2010

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

Thought I'd do this every Friday morning, just in case you missed a post and wanna know what was going on around here this week. (Don't worry - Hot or Not will be here a little later on today. ;) )

Hot or Not? Ewan McGregor - Last week's Hot or Not choice! View here

40 - I turned 40 last weekend. Take a look inside the party and see what music we listened to, what food we ate, what gifts I received and how I scrubbed up for the night! View here

The Gift of a Mother's Hindsight - For Tina and Ami - If you're a mum, what advice would you have given yourself if you'd known what you do now? (View a gorgeous video.) Also, help my niece, Tina - pregnant with her first bub - relieve some of the anxiety she's been experiencing about what to buy for bubs by suggesting what she needs...and doesn't. View here.

Facing The Fear - Most of us fear something. Including me. Read about my fear of flying, and tell me what's your fear and how you cope with it. View here

Oh, and don't forget...if you have a problem you need advice on, or an idea you'd like some feedback on, why not use Ask Mummy Mayhem and we'll put it to the Mummy Mayhem community? Go here for details, or just check the homepage. (You can choose not to have your name published if you like. Your secret is safe with me. ;) ) 

Happy reading!


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