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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Perfect Birthday Gift

So, Hubby has organised my 40th birthday gift. He ordered it from the UK. This has me intrigued. What on earth could it be? And, will I like it?

In the past, Hubby has pretty much got it right over the 16 of my birthdays we've shared together. He has bought me some really gorgeous jewellery on a number of occasions (he complains I have too much - but I'm still waiting for that bling ring!) and some really fun stuff too: an iPod and docking station one year, and last year he bought me my beloved MAC laptop. (LOVE it. One of my fave gifts from Hubby to date.)

However, a couple of birthdays ago he got it sooooo very wrong.

He had a hard time that year deciding what to buy me. So much so, that my birthday came and went and...nothing. Then a few weeks after my birthday he arrived home from work, gift in hand and very pleased with himself. "I think you'll really like it. I hope you'll like it," he said. 

This is what he bought me:

Yes. Your eyes do not deceive you. That's a Wii game called ProStreet

I believe my first response on opening it was, "Are you serious? This is a joke, right?"

My reaction to Hubby's gift was not...the most level-headed. But surely you can understand that, after years of really great gifts - some of which involved diamonds, I may add - I was a little disappointed to receive...a Wii game. And a very 'manly' Wii game at that.

Oh, I ranted and raved about his gift choice being "thoughtless" and I told him how I was "offended" and he was taken aback. "But," he reasoned, "I thought I was being thoughtful. You said the other day that you'd really like a car game for the Wii!" And that was true. "But not as my birthday gift!" I retorted. "It's my birthday! It's supposed to be special!"

Oh yeah, I was everything I keep telling my kids not to be on receiving a gift they don't like: ungrateful.

Hubby and I worked it all out later. You see, men are happy to receive 'practical' gifts. If they want something, no matter what it is, it's win/win if someone buys it for them for their birthday. Hubby thought he was getting me something I really wanted.

Women, on the other hand, want 'thoughtful' gifts. Gifts that show their partner 'understands' them and 'cares' for them. And some things are just not suitable for birthday presents - even if it's something they want. 

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and all that.

So maybe you can understand my concern, since that birthday a couple of years ago, about what sort of gift my husband may have chosen for me this year. 

My first thought was: a bike. That's because I've talked to Hubby in the past about getting a bike, and being a cycling enthusiast himself, he's always ordering parts and bits and pieces from the UK (because it's so much cheaper). However, his idea of what bike I'd like I'm sure is quite different to mine. 

When I picture myself on a bike, I imagine a hybrid with a big, fat, cushy seat and a cute little whicker basket attached to the front. Not a racing bike with a small, hard seat! I picture myself wearing a cute, floral dress and maybe a fresh Spring blossom behind my ear. Not cycling shorts and an aerodynamic helmet. Good lord, no.

Anyway, time will tell. The package arrived from the UK last week and will be delivered by the local courier company tomorrow. I won't snoop. I like surprises. I'm just hoping it's a good surprise this time...

How about you? What's the best birthday gift you've ever received? What's the worst?


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