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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nitting (Without the 'K')

Image: nitwits.com.au
Warning: Reading the following post might make your head a little itchy. Sorry 'bout that. ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by NitWits Natural to Sydney Wildlife World with the family to see some animals, touch a lizard, have a snake knock its head in to my back (when a handler was showing it to someone behind me - ick!) and watch a little demo on the new products NitWits Natural have recently released to help fight nits and lice.

I can't stand nits. So far, we've only been struck down once since the 8yo started school. even got them! I tell you...it was a long night when I found out I had them in my hair - after discovering them in the boys' hair during bath time - knowing they were crawling around in there. *shudder*

Anyway, now my boys are back to school after their short break, it's only a matter of time before the first note comes home advising that nits and lice have been discovered in their class. 

Thanks to NitWits Natural I've got the following products stuffed in to my bathroom cabinet ready and raring to go if need be:

NitWits products include a head lice comb with a magnifying glass
& Anti-Lice & Detangling Spray.

Anyway, if you need any info about nits and lice and how to get rid of them, you can check out their website here.

Now - you're free to scratch away if you need to. ;) 



Jacki said...

Ahhhhh! I'm so dreading the day my littlies get nits! I remember whenever we got them from school, Mum had to do all 4 kids and change the linen and it seemed like a never-ending cycle of hassle! Good to know you've stocked up, that way there's no late-night dash to the pharmacy! I think I might stock up too!

MultipleMum said...

Do not talk to me about nits. Nugget is a nit magnet. At least 6 cases this year alone. SO OVER IT! PS I have used these products and, like the rest, they have minimal effect on the magnet :(

SeraphimSP said...

I HATE the little buggers. it's a constant battle here...

bronnie@dizzydaisy.com said...

Oh God, I hate them. Miss 7's hair is a magnet for them. No matter how many times de-nit her, she returns to school and comes back wth another lot. Which sometimes she shares with the rest of us. I have tried just about everything but nothing works for long. Pleace Nitwit Natural give me some to try, so we can get rid of them forever. And my hair feels itchy just typing this.

river said...

I'm pleased to say that me and my kids have never ever had nits or lice. My parents and siblings? No. My first husbands entire family? No.
Two of my grandchildren had them in their early primary school years but not since then as my daughter discovered that combing through a solution of tea tree oil and water every morning kept them nit free. Tip a full bottle of tea tree oil into a spray bottle, fill with water, shake gently befroe spraying the hair and scalp and combing the solution through the hair daily. My grandchildren have been nit free for ten years now. :-D