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Friday, October 08, 2010

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

Here's what you might have missed on Mummy Mayhem this week...

Colin Firth lit up our computer screens in last Friday's Hot or Not?

We found out why Sherrie despised her step-father-to-be in the second exciting installment of the book I wrote at age 14, The Dance of Revenge.

As the weather warms up here in Australia, kids will jump in to backyard swimming pools and our surrounding oceans. Some of them, very unfortunately, will drown. Something parents need to know: Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning.

I reviewed Corinne Grant's new book: Lessons in Letting Go, Confessions of a Hoarder. You'll love it! 

Read a bunch of fantastic posts from some wonderful Aussie bloggers in this month's AMB Blog Carnival.

And finally, I celebrated ONE WHOLE YEAR of blogging yesterday. Help me celebrate and maybe even WIN some gorgeous kikki.K stationery. Oh, and if you head over to my recipe blog, you can win a really cool kitchen gadget there. ;) You have until Monday 11 Oct, 6pm to enter!

Happy reading! Hot or Not will be up tomorrow morning. My apologies! I have a busy day ahead, so will whip it up tonight. If you like, why don't you make a suggestion of who you'd like to see here tomorrow, and I'll pick one!

Enjoy your Friday.



Lucy said...

How about Philip Glenister? (But honestly, whoever you pick for Hot or Not, you know I'll be here......)

MultipleMum said...

I did my Laminated list last week - http://cootaitlees.blogspot.com/2010/10/my-laminated-list.html.

Maybe someone on there will tickle your fancy (so to speak)? If you use one though, my response will only be hot!