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Friday, October 22, 2010

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

It's time to find out what you might have missed on Mummy Mayhem this week...

Some of you decided that although Hugh Jackman was indeed HOT, his Liptons Ice Tea advertisement...well...wasn't.

In last week's instalment of The Dance of Revenge (the book I started writing at age 14), Sherrie's mother, Elizabeth, and her fiance, Adam, got...ah, a little intimate. *cringe*

I wrote about a (ahem) sticky situation I got myself in to on a Metro train in Paris, and asked: what's your worst Travel Tale?

I vlogged again this week: Woof Woof - a vlog about searching for stuff, not about my dog. 

And finally, I have two words for you: nits and lice. Ick. Read on...

I thought I'd also share what happens on Mummy Mayhem's Recipe Box each week as well.

Last week, I posted a recipe for Spiced Lamb, Couscous and Spinach Salad. Delish! And I also posted a yummy recipe for Pumpkin Coriander Soup

Enjoy. And pop back later today to see who this week's Hot or Not candidate is!



Maxabella said...

The weekly round up is fab, Jodie. Two things: I received my paaaaackage THANK YOU!


Max had nits for about a month. A weekly nit bomb, wash every hat, bedding, towel... yet still they came. Drove me nits (which is a perfect word between nuts and shits). x

Thea Smith said...

This is an excellent idea! Because now that I'm a bit busy and not sitting on the computer all day (like I used to) I am missing some posts. This way I miss nothing, thanks Jodie!!

Now off to read the one I missed...in Paris (I love Paris!) :)