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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vlog #3: The Day I Fell For Natalie Barr of Sunrise

It's vloggin' time again...

Do you have any stories of running in to a celebrity or meeting one or just seeing one at your son's cricket match that you embarrass yourself in front of? 

Oh! *Raises hand* I do! 

I warn you. The details are not pretty. They involve Natalie Barr of Sunrise fame (for all you non-Aussie readers, Sunrise is the equivalent of the USA's Today Show), a camping chair, a tub of yoghurt and my friends Alison and Sarah. Oh, and my 8yr old son's Saturday cricket match.

Anyway...you can just watch. What am I babbling on for?




x0xJ said...

Oh gosh! You should DEFINATELY send this into Sunrise!
Hang on! Do you mind if i do??? Lol.

I have had drinks at a house party in the city with Zac Dryson (Will from H&A) but that was just me going to a party with friends and he happened to be there.
Other than that i am much like you, i tryto stay unfazed by celebs.
I remember when i was 14 that the local under 18's disco type thing havine Bec Cartwright and Beau Brady come out on seperate occasions and all my friend flocking to get their body parts signed. Me? Nah. I was too cool for that. (Actually mum and dad said no, as the under 18's was attatched to a pub, but honestly i can't remember being too dissappointed anyway).
Oh i've also hung out with Vainity Fair, the drag queen on a number of occasions in my clubbing days.
So yes, i like you like to point it out to a friend, because hey, it's exciting, but i leave it at that. Afterall in the end they're just people, and i personally don't feel that what they are doing is more important than what a doctor or a nurse is doing, or a firefighter, or a police officer.

MuffinMonsterBB said...

Hahaha I can so picture that moment.

We met 2 young Neighbours guys at a concert, I pointed them out to my sister and cuz, then they made me wait inside while they went and had a smoke (because we snuck my cuz in we only had 2 tickets and since I wasn't smoking I had to wait inside - with a bottle of vodka - ) AND they left me waiting for AGES, when they came back in they were like "Oh we we're talking with those Neighbours boys and got photos". So I missed out.

The photos are embarrassing enough for me, my sister was practically straddling them. No change that, Litereally Straddling them.

Emily said...

Oh my!! You had me laughing so much while watching your Vlog!
It would be so funny if this did get on sunrise and Natalie herself was to comment! :)

I have seen plenty of stars in my time.
When I was a kid, we used to go to this Holiday place on the Hawkesbury River. And we were friends with a family that had two child stars!
I wonder if you can remember Jamie & Rebecca Croft? Jamie was in the movies Joey, The Real Macaw, Power rangers, Napoleon, just to name a few! And Rebecca was on Home and away for a while.
Anyway, we used to all play together and go on little adventures! I wonder what they are up to these days?

Now for stars I have spotted out and about!
Isabel Lucas from Home and Away...She was at Coolangatta Airport when I was picking someone up!

I Always see Trav - The winner of Big Brother (can't remember what year) But it's the big guy with the dreds! The dreds are no more. I was standing right next to him at bakers delight about two weeks ago. I even know what kind of car he drives, because I see him so often!
He also has a spot on our local radio station driving around in the sea cruiser giving away free stuff! :-D

Another star I have seen is Mal MMeninga. He was at Wet 'n' Wild with his kids a few years back!

Who else..Hmmm...Oh, Heaps of Big brother stars. I used to get free tickets to eviction shows at Dreamworld! I even know what Big Brother looks like! ha ha ;)

So there you have it!

Great Vlog Jodie!

Jane said...

Best story ever. God, you're so funny!

I'll admit to being a bit of a celeb stalker.

In 2003 when Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll were on Australian Idol, I found out the Idol House was just around the corner from my place. So... naturally, being 13 and obsessed, I got my poor mother to drive me to the Idol House, where we proceeded to wait outside in the car for TWO HOURS until they came out. Yes, I did get an autograph, and yes, I did get to touch Guy's afro. Was it worth it? I won't lie - YES, it was worth it.

Another story, also involving stalking reality TV stars, when I was 10, I was at Movie World on the Gold Coast with my family when I saw Sophie Monk (back in the day, when she'd won Popstars). I dragged my poor dad allllll the way across the theme park, where we waited for 40 minutes for Sophie and her Bardot band mates to get off a Batman ride and take a photo with me. Again, I'll admit it was worth it.

My parents are probably thankful that I grew out of that phase (or at least got my own driver's licence) so they don't have to accompany me on my stalking escapades anymore xx

Thea Smith said...

Oh, this is great stuff!!! Just what a need this morning.
That's for the 'pep me up'

And, yes it's very embarrassing, but I'm totally a celebrity fawner! LOL Don't see many round these 'ere parts though. ;)

MegsyJ said...

You're so funny! You're a natural at these vlog things!

There tend to be a lot of Neighbours 'actors' (note the inverted commas) in the area I live in. Hubby used to play squash against the guy who plays Paul Robinson, the girl who plays Steph lives around the corner, and Toady lives around here too. In fact, he turned up to my sister's yoga class a while back - very funny!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I think Sunrise have seen it. They retweeted it this morn. No doubt, Natalie thinks I'm CR-A-ZY. (I don't blame her. But really...how much worse can it get?)

You saw H&A stars? Noooooo....surely not? ;)

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Straddling....? =-O

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

See...I told you. Those H&A stars are EVERYWHERE. I reckon they get together every week with a map and say, "you take the North Shore, I'll take the Eastern Suburbs, Alf will take Newtown..." Just sayin.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Ok, you're making me feel old telling me you were THIRTEEN when Guy was on Idol?! I had was pregnant with my second child!

Egad. You're gorgeous. I bet they LOVED meeting you. :*

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

I'm glad I can be of service. If my embarrassing moments can help others, I'm happy to continue having them. ;)

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Thank you lovely lady!

Toady doing yoga? Now THAT I'd like to see... *DONT_KNOW*

Louise said...

Hi Jodie, you know who I am!
I have an old celebrity story from years ago but I still pinch myself when I think about it.
Waaaay back in my single days when I was still living at home (maybe around 1991 from memory) there was a nightclub in North Sydney called The Metropolis. Anyway, I went there one night to see The Village People. The Real Village People. My friend and I enjoyed their show and stayed at the nightclub afterwards and danced until about 2am. Finally got a cab home by this time around 2.30am. Arrived home to find my mum at the front door. Had no idea why she was still awake and why she was waiting for me at the door. Anyway, she told me we had visitors. In the early hours of the morning which was very strange. Anyway she covered my eyes and lead me into the kitchen where I found The Village People having toast and coffee with my parents in our kitchen in the suburbs of Sydney!!! To cut a long story short, our next door neighbour was a music promotor in the 1970's when the Village people were huge. She became friends with them and as they hated staying in hotels when they were touring they had an arrangement that when they were in Sydney they would stay with her. So that night they were due to arrive at her home after their gig but she had gone into labour and had to leave with her husband to go to hospital. My parents get a knock on the front door from the neighbours asking them to look out for their overseas houseguests who are due to arrive and make them feel at home. Which they did. So thats how the village people ended up in my parents kitchen.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Oh. My. GOSH! That story is HUGE Louise! How amazing!

Do you remember that show on tv called, Joe Millionaire? The guy who wasn't rich, but they pretended he was and he had all these girls 'fawning' (there's that word again) over him and at the end they revealed he wasn't rich at all? There was a butler in it, called Paul Hogan (not to be confused with Croc Dundee - pic below) and one night when home with the 8yo, Hubby had been out at a work function and I heard this knock at the door, opened it, and there stood Paul Hogan - The Butler! He'd been at the function too and Hubby shared a ride back with him. He gave me a signed pic of himself. So funny!

Louise said...

Cute photo!
When they asked me if I liked their show I told them I loved it except that didnt do Milkshake, one of their songs. So they jumped up and did a little song and dance just for me. They were very nice and down to earth.

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