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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Three, Part I

After a one week hiatus, The Dance of Revenge is back...

Once again, my apologies for not posting last week. We just had the busiest weekend around here!

The last time we left The Dance of Revenge - the book I started writing at age 14 - apart from that fact that we got ourselves a little French lesson (bonus), we were also introduced to the beloved life of ballet that Sherrie so cherished.

This week, we start at Chapter Three. This is where the little book of ballet moves I somehow acquired back then came in handy. Having said that, I'm not sure all the moves flow, because I had never taken a ballet lesson in my life. (Note to self: Perhaps if you ever decide to write a book (doubtful), it might be a good idea to stick to a subject you actually have some experience with? Just sayin'.)

If you're a new reader here at Mummy Mayhem - firstly, welcome! - you can catch up on the story so far by using the links in the RHS of my homepage. Oh, and all the comments below that appear [in red and in brackets like this] are my comments made as I type this. ;)


Chapter Three
Part I

"ONE, two, three," Madame sang as the class of fifteen young, talented girls jumped and leaped across the floor. Their 'plies' and 'arabesques' were shaky except for one girl who did extremely well with her arabesque penchee [I think I used apostrophes here to emphasize that I was, you know, using ballet moves, ya'll - clever me!]. Mademoiselle Dolty, Madam's start pupil. Sherrie was extremely talented and would work very hard each lesson, getting better by the minute. 

"Stop, class," Madame called, halting the girls with the wave of her thin, wrinkled hand. "You may take a five minute break." She watched the girls sigh with relief as they moved from the floor. Sherrie moved with them.

"Sherrie?" Madame called. Sherrie spun around, her golden hair falling from her bun.

"Oops," she whispered shyly. She fastened the hair back in its place. "Oui, Madame?" she questioned. 

"May I see you for a minute?" Madame asked. 

"Of course!" Sherrie exclaimed [hence the exclamation mark, no doubt]. She walked closer to the wrinkled woman. [Poor Madame. If she existed and read this, she would no doubt be horrified that her wrinkles were pointed out so much.] "Have I done something wrong?" Madame laughed at her [Sherrie's] alarm and took her hand.

"No, no my child. You have done nothing wrong." Sherrie sighed and sat when Madame beckoned her to sit on the floor. 

When seated, Madame drew in her breath. 

"Ah, Sherrie, you are a pretty girl, and you are a talented dancer." She paused. "Sherrie, you are very good. In fact, you are too talented for my class. You must find another class where you can do more. My class is only stopping you from becoming a better dancer." Sherrie frowned.

"But Madame, I like your class." Madame laughed heartily, and shook her head. 

"I know, but you deserve much better. Maybe I could teach you private lessons on Tuesday nights, but I'm afraid it will cost more." Sherrie beamed with delight. Private lessons! How joyful that would be. 

"Talk it over with your mother and we shall see." Sherrie nodded and resumed back to the other girls. [Huh? That sentence - although not the only dodgy one through this whole thing - could have been worded a whole lot better.]

Aliza waited for her near the barre. 

"What did Madame want?" she asked cautiously. Sherrie looked at her friend's brown eyes and matching  hair and shrugged, noncommittally.

"It's nothing important, Aliza. I'll talk to you later. Let us dance now!" Sherrie resumed the workout at the barre that she knew all too well [presumably, I was referring to the fact that she knew the workout well, not the barre]

  • A tour fouette enveloppe. Close en cinquieme devant. Pas de bouree detourne. Repeat. 
  • Releve, bringing the posterior foot au raccourci. Close en cinquieme derriere [isn't that your butt?] while placing the arms in sixth. Do two tours releves en dehors in a single thrust. Close en cinquieme derriere. Detourne on both feet. Echappe sur les pointes in second position with change of feet. Repeat. 

[Phew. Did you get all that? Really....who CARES?]

Once finished the workout, the dancers resumed to audition for the production that was to take place in three months' time. 

Wow - this chapter is getting kinda long, so we will resume next week. Oui? 


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