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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Three, Part II

We continue the saga of Sherrie's life in the book I started writing at age 14, The Dance of Revenge...

If you need to catch up on the gripping *cough* story so far, just scroll down the RHS of my homepage to find all the links! (Look for the ballet slippers.)

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The Dance of Revenge
Chapter Three
Part II

Madame watched Sherrie and the others dance and decided straight away that Sherrie would do Cinderella. ["Play Cinderella" would probably have been a better choice of wording, don't you think?] She was perfect for the part. Her grace would enhance the dance that Madame knew would be a success.

Madame clapped her hands to order the dancers to stop. So they did. They seated themselves on the mat that lay in front of Madame's special chair. 

Madame looked at the eager faces and smiled. She knew that they would all be disappointed, but she also knew they would understand. They all knew that Sherrie was the best dancer. Sherrie had started dance lessons at the early age of four. The rest had started at either six or seven years of age. Madame cleared her throat and clapped her hands again.

"Well, my children - you have all done well." Each child smiled happily that Madame had praised them. Normally she would come across as a hard woman who pushed each and every child to try their best.

"I see Charlot that you have improved your 'plies'," Madame noted. The dark headed girl smiled. 

"I practised every day Madame. I'm glad you noticed," she replied. And then, in her usual manner, she giggled with delight.

Madame shushed the giggling girl then turned on her heel and walked gracefully to the barre. Then she spun around whipping her leg in the air.

"My children," she began, "you all have your own talent. Every one of you. Though you must remember that if, like Charlot, you can not do one step then try and try again until it is perfect." She stopped and looked at the smiling faces. "Remember that practise is very, very important if you want to succeed in the world of dance." Madame looked hard at the faces that sat in front of her.

"Do you want to succeed?” she shouted.

“WE DO, YES.” The answer satisfied the wrinkled teacher. [Just like last week – here we go with me pointing out the poor woman’s wrinkles again.]

“Good. Then all of you, whatever part you get you will work hard at that part. You will know that character better than you know yourself. That character will be you. [Shouldn’t that be: ‘you will be that character’?] And the people who see the performance will know it!” Cheer arose from the delighted students.

“Now,” Madame began, “I will post the parts on the board ready for you to see next Wednesday. So try and get there to take your character home. See you on Saturday. Au revoir.”

The dancers jumped up from the floor and raced into the showers. Their excitement could be heard as they showered and cleaned. Their chatter was full of excitement and announcements of who should or will get the part of Cinderella. All of the girls were dying to find out if they had the part of Cinderella. Everyone person in that change room knew that Cinderella was an important part in a production that would take place in front of the town mayor and other important people.

“Sherrie?” Aliza questioned. 


“This part will not ruin our friendship, will it?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course it won’t.” Both girls wanted the part badly. They were both excellent dancers. They wanted it more than anything in the world. Except that Sherrie knew one thing she wanted more. She wanted her mother to forget about Mr Braid and for both of them to lead the life they had before he interfered. Together, by themselves. Though Sherrie knew she could not have that. Not yet anyway.

Who will get the part? (I know...you have no idea, do you?) Will Sherrie and Aliza's friendship survive? Do we really care? 

We finish off Chapter Three next week!


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