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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot or Not? Robert Pattinson

Every week we choose a celebrity and ask: Is he hot, or not?

Last week, John Stamos received a bit of love from ya'll. I think he still has it, people!

Now, before you go all "CRADLE SNATCHER!" on me - please let me explain why I've chosen Robert Pattinson for this week's Hot or Not.

I was talking to my pals Jen and Angela on Melbourne Cup Day, and we were discussing Hot or Not, and the subject came up (again) about what the BIG DEAL is about this Twilight star? 

Firstly, can I say, I. Do. Not. Get. the whole Twilight phenomenon. At. All. It's not my cuppa tea. 

Additionally, I don't get the whole appeal for Mr Pattinson either. Maybe I'm too *cough* old to have an opinion on this one. After all the boy man was born the same year I celebrated my Sweet Sixteen! (Oh. My. Lord.)

But, you know, there are 40+ women who scream at his movie premieres. Really - there are. And certainly, he's not short of a young fan or two, is he?

So I guess my question for the younger readers of this blog: Is Robert Pattinson hot, or not? And for those of you, like me, who may just be a little *clears throat* more mature - can you see the appeal he has?  

Oh, and did you know my very first pick for Hot or Not was Henry Cavill, and the author of the Twilight series originally wanted him to play Edward? But he was thought too old! Unbelievable. Henry - you ARE hot!

Over to you. Robert Pattinson - hot, or not?


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