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Monday, November 08, 2010

The Perfect Gift

With Christmas coming up (seriously - it's mere days away, people!) I'm starting to think about what gifts to buy for my three boys. 

When I was a little girl, I really, really wanted a Barbie doll. I never had one. (I often jokingly say to my Mum, even today, when recalling this particular memory, “I was such a deprived child…” Mum just scoffs (rightly so) and says, “Oh, Jodie!”)

My niece, Tina, however, (she’s my age) had a Barbie doll. In fact, I think she had two. She also had a 'Barbie Camper Van', some pretty flash Barbie clothing (including a hot pink, sparkly evening gown number with matching shoes) and – wait for it – a Barbie Townhouse.

The Barbie Townhouse was 3 levels - huge to a kid - complete with furniture and an elevator. An elevator! I was so jealous. Fortunately, I got to play at Tina's house quite often, so I had my regular “Barbie fix” there.

As I have 3 boys, not surprisingly, they’re not really in to Barbie dolls (dammit - I usually get my Barbie fix when I visit my friend Jen's house, because she has a gorgeous daughter who, fortunately, likes a good Barbie doll too). What they're in to depends on what day, week or month it is. It changes all the time. Right now, the boys are in to, of all things, rocks. Yes - apparently Hubby and I are RICH and living on a gold mine, because all three seem to be finding rocks in our backyard filled with gold and silver and platinum. So, do I buy them a bag of rocks and tell them to go for it? A book on Geology for the 8yo, perhaps?

The 8yo loves his cricket, so we're thinking maybe a cricket bag and some of his own gloves, padding etc? 

The 3yo is in to the ABC show, Mister Maker. He wants to create just like Mister Maker does, so I'm thinking a good crafty gift might be advisable?

The 6yo is a tough one. He never really seems to get in to anything in particular. He just kind of goes with the flow. Which is nice on a day to day basis, but when gift buying comes around...a nightmare!

So, hence the reason for this post (yes, there is one). Have you any suggestions for my boys? The sales are on. I should purchase soon, but the whole trying to get a gift thing together is doing my head in, quite frankly. 


And how about you? What are you buying your kids this Christmas? Or your partner? Your friend? Do share...


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