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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Right Way To Have a Royal Wedding

I know that blogs will be all aflutter over the next few days with posts on the upcoming royal marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, but I just want to add my two cents worth. It's history in the making, after all.

I had a conversation with my mother-in-law recently about Prince Charles and Diana's relationship. We both agreed that - in the beginning anyway - Diana seemed to really love Charles. We also agreed that Prince Charles probably felt something for Diana too, but it obviously wasn't the passionate kind of love he  always felt towards Camilla.

Charles was supposed to marry the 'right' kind of girl. I get that. It's a monarchy after all, and the royal family has their direct ties with the Church of England, so they have to uphold a certain 'standard' or whatever. But it didn't do them any favours by insisting Charles not marry Camilla when he could have. 

I'm not a 'royal watcher' and I don't know the full ins and outs of the monarchy, however I think it's fairly obvious that the Royal Family has recognised mistakes (BIG ones) they have made in the past, and they seem quite determined not to make the same ones. My understanding is that Kate Middleton is quite an 'acceptable' choice anyhow as a future wife of the future King of England, but I also think it's great that the Royal Family seem to have allowed Prince William to do his own thing up until this point. Both he and his brother Harry seem pretty nice, down to earth kinda guys - and I think that's just what the Royal Family need.

You know, I doubt that the press are keeping an eye on my blog for my opinion and all that, but I would like to formally ask the media to leave Kate and William to it. Don't get dirty. Don't try and ruin a good thing here. Kate and William are only human after all, and getting married is a big enough, and sometimes stressful, thing for 'normal' couples to do - let alone those who are doing it with such pressure, demands and importance surrounding them. 

I believe William is marrying Kate because he is in love with her, and vice versa. I don't believe he's engaged because he feels some responsibility to be. Let's not wreck it, shall we?

Oh, and media people - could you please not saturate the news with the wedding details for the next however long before they finally get hitched? It's all about balance, people. Bal-ance.

What do you think of the upcoming nuptials? Do you even care? 



kim at allconsuming said...

It is so not cool but I ADORE a royal wedding. I actually went against my religion and watched the interview with them both that was aired on the Today show this morning and was genuinely thrilled for them - talk about two well put-together people.

And then I saw he had given her Diana's ring. I mean, the gravity of that. Sure, there's a whole history, a lot of it far from pretty, but at the end of the day she was a mum. She was his mum and he's given her ring to his love. Doesn't get much better than that.

Bronnie and family said...

Nah, sorry, I can't get excited about it. They are just people ... with loads of wealth and privelege despite what poor Wills went through with losing his Mum, and poor Kate went through being labelled a 'commoner'. I mean seriously, what is with that? I wish them all the best, but I hate the whole idea of the Prince coming to the rescue of the commoner and turning her into a Princess. But you know, as with any couple who takes the plunge, good luck to them. I would love to see love triumph over all!

Fiona said...

It's nice for them but seriously

When will we grow up and become a republic???? gah.

NerdyAussieMum said...

Despite my fellings on the matter or the people there is one big problem with what most people see happening here.....
According to "the laws" ... Prince Charles and his children can NEVER claim the throne. They may have it "passed on" but if challeneged by certain individuals they would loose the right to Rule. Do you know why? Because *gasp* there was a divorce! I suspect it won't be challenged however because lets face it - it would probably end up in a war and no one wants that!
Personally, I don't care if there was a divorce or not - but I would still rather see William take it than Charles.