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Monday, November 22, 2010

Vlog #4: Here Comes The Bride

It's vloggin' time again...

My niece, Tina, and her partner, Bryan got engaged recently (YAY!). Anyhow, I think Tina is going to make one excellent wedding planner, because she's been there and done that - in the sense that she's been a bridesmaid many, many times (it's unusual to find her at a wedding where she isn't one - she's just one popular gal). 

In addition to that, Tina and I planned a wedding together many, many years ago. Like, when I was about 11 and she was 10. You'll have to watch to find out which celebrity's (yes...celebrity) wedding we planned. ;) 

You'll be glad to note that when I originally filmed this vlog, it was 7.26 minutes (yes - ask any of my friends - I have the ability to crap on when I want to). I was able to reduce it down to under 6mins. LOTS of interesting info in there though, so I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Now go make yourself a cuppa, pull up your favourite desk chair or similar, and enjoy my latest vlog. (Apologies to those who can't watch these. You can double-click and watch on You Tube if you wish too.)



Aussie-waffler said...

Kids toys, they're just frigging hilarious aren't they ? Loved your story about Babs' quest for true love, I think around here, she is only finding happiness at the bottom of a wine bottle. Poor old Babs. x

Maxabella said...

Look at you!

A small confession: I have never, not once, not ever been a bridesmaid. So I think (at the age of 39 1/4) that my fate will be to only be the bride, never the bridesmaid! I can live with that. x

Anonymous said...

Loved the Vlog. Funny. You are getting very high tech!

x0xJ said...

Jodie i just LOVE your vlogs.
Firstly congrats to your niece. I do so hope that fluro ribbons will be incorprated into her wedding some how!
To answer your question, no not married, but i have almost every detail planned (strangely, as i was NOT a wedding person before meeting my partner). I would like a small wedding. Like to said each to their own, nothing wrong with a big thing, but i am a very private person, especially regarding my family, and so i am thinking something with just family and a very very small scattering of our very very best friends (who obviously will be those who are like family anyway, lol). It's not a money thing, although that is a bonus that it costs us less, it's just a me thing and i don't like that some adults don't grow out of being gossips in the bad kind of way. Lol.
I have to echo Maxibella, i too have NEVER been a bridesmaid. Boo hoo for me! I've never been to a hen's night either. I have been a flower girl, twice, once at 2 and the other at 7 to my Uncle/Aunts weddings. I've actually caught the bouquet twice too...

bernthis said...

I didn't spend that much time on my own wedding but then again, look how that one turned out..

Brenda said...

Vlog you later. Love that! Hehe.

Thea said...

Gorgeous! You've missed your vocation.

You know all about my wedding because I blogged about it.
And now I'm thinking about doing it again for our 10th anniversary....I dunno....??

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! My cousin (at about 5!) told me - they're not dolls, they're MEN!
Classic post - thanks :)

carly said...

no wedding yet. never been a bridesmaid either. attended a few. its quite funny the last one that the boyfriend and i attended up in forster was my friends. and we were discussing what we would and wouldnt do.