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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 3yr Old Turns 4

The 3yr old officially became a 4yr old today. 

There was always something about the number 3 and our youngest son. First of all - he was the third child. My waters broke at 3am the morning of the 28 December 2006, and he was eventually born at 3.03pm that afternoon.

I'm not going to lie and say that the past year has been easy. The (now) 4yr old is a handful to say the least. When I told my friend, Fiona, that I was dropping one day a week of his daycare, and therefore he would only be attending once a week in the new year, she looked at me as if I had gone mad and said, "Are you insane?" She knows.

Having said all that, the 4yr old is also a HEAP of fun. He has a great sense of humour, and makes us laugh every day. Even when we're supposed to be angry with him at the time. He's a daredevil. He gets up to mischief often. Sometimes, his antics put him - and us - in danger. In fact, he's had his fair share of visits to the hospital. (Not listening to us about what not to do doesn't help.)

He's a real live wire, but it makes life interesting, and without doubt, life wouldn't be complete without him.

He loves Star Wars (he sings the theme song constantly). He loves to dance. He loves building Lego and 'doing schoolwork'. He loves sport. Cricket. Basketball. Soccer. You name it - he's in to it. He can climb a basketball hoop pole like a little monkey. He loves keeping up with his big brothers (and loves them dearly too). 

I have semi-high hopes for the year ahead. Even though the testosterone hit will come (although, in my opinion, I believe it happens earlier - around 3), I'm hoping that the tantrums will become less, and he'll find a level of maturity that the other two reached at the same age. I'm hoping he will become more reasonable, and will stop doing the kind of things he has been known for that I've found completely challenging at times!

But I'm also going to enjoy him even more so over the next year. In 2012, he'll be starting school. We have some fun stuff to do together before then. ;)

Most of all, I want him to be a happy, confident and a caring person. I want him to know - no matter how difficult he can be at times - he is very much loved.

Happy Birthday big boy. xxxxx


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