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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best of 2010

So what did I think was the 'best of' in 2010?

Best Food: Let's start with the important stuff, shall we? By far, it's Hubby's homemade gelato. Ok, so I really didn't discover it in 2010 - he's been making it a while now, but I think I've come to appreciate it more so this year. I'm planning on sharing some of his homemade gelato recipes next year on my recipe blog, so stay tuned for that because his Dark Chocolate Gelato is by far the BEST EVER I've tasted. (Just sayin'.)

Best Drink: I'm tempted to say 'coffee' because I've only really started drinking it fairly regularly this year, and enjoy my morning cappuccino. But, to be honest, it would have to be Margaritas! Are you surprised? I just love them. Especially in summer. And now the 6yr old has a new slushie machine, me thinks Hubby and I will be indulging in the odd icy Margarita soon. ;)

Best Restaurant: Not that I go to a lot of restaurants, but for me the dining experience of 2010 was Gordon Ramsay's Maze in Melbourne. My friend Jen and I indulged when we were there a little while back, and we always joke about how a-MAZE-ing it was. It really was! Go. You won't be disappointed.

Best Book: To be fair, I haven't read a lot of books this year, but the ones I did read, I really enjoyed. I mostly read biographies, but I picked up a fiction book this year that I just couldn't put down, and I'd highly recommend it. It's Kylie Ladd's After The Fall. It's a really interesting insight in to the world of adultery, told by all the characters. Grab yourself a copy, people!

Best Trip: Although Hubby and I had a great time on the Gold Coast with the kids this year, the weather kind of let us down. I have to say, my trip to Melbourne with my friend, Jen - as well as a bunch of other gals - was fantastic. It was a much needed recharge of my batteries. We ate great food, we shopped, I looked around a museum without interruption... fabulous. Melbourne's always great for a trip.

Best Song: Oooh...this is hard to choose. I don't think my choice was released in 2010, but I've only discovered it this year....Uprising by Muse.  LOVE it. Especially loud. When the kids are out, of course. ;)

Best Movie I Saw: Ok, to be honest - I don't watch a lot of movies. I most certainly hardly EVER get out to the movies either, so it's mostly DVD for me. One movie I watched this year that immediately sprung to mind, because I laughed out loud when I watched it, was - of all things - The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. I really, really enjoyed it. A close second would be The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt. Love biographical and historical stories!

Best TV show: Ok, so this year I discovered a few shows on DVD that I love - Gossip Girl, The Hills (are you seeing a pattern here?). I LOVE Brothers & Sisters too. But the show I only started watching this year was GLEE. LOVE IT. The soundtrack is fab too.

Best New Blog: I've discovered a number of blogs this year, and I have a number of other blogs I've read for over a year now that I just love, but there is one blog in particular I discovered (as have quite a lot of other people!) that I've particularly enjoyed this year, and that's Maxabella Loves. Check it out (if you haven't already). It is such a good read!

What were your 'best ofs' for 2010? 


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