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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Shopping Sucks. But Here's a Way to Make it Easier...and Maybe WIN Yourself $10k!

Christmas shopping is challenging.

On Sunday, I had to head to my local shopping centre to pick up Christmas tree lights. I got so frustrated with the tangled mess that were last year's lights - and feeling a little seedy after attending a fabulous party the night before (come back tomorrow and see me dressed as Madonna. Oh yeah!) - I started to impatiently pull at the lights and next thing I knew, globes were disintegrating before my eyes. Sigh. 

Anyhooo - it was off to the shops and Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about CHAOS.

It sort of creeps up on you. One day you head down for a spot of shopping and all is normal, next thing you know it's Christmastime and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is there. (Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels that way.)

Now I've never actually been one to shop online. I don't know why. I think I'm afraid I'll end up giving my money to some dodgy website and never see it, or the item I've chosen, again. 

But recently, I found myself trying to decide on a 40th birthday gift (for the party I went to) and wound up on westfield.com.au. I searched for an adult male's gift in a certain price range and within five minutes....DONE! How great is that? I let my fingers (and my eyes) do the walking without leaving the (relatively) peaceful confines of my home.

Now there's another reason to shop at Westfield. The good people at Westfield sent me a little voucher to spend, so I'm thinking whatever Christmas shopping I have left (as well as the two birthdays coming up this month in the Ansted House), I'll use that. I can even create my own Wish List

Did you know if you create your own Wish List you can go in to the draw to WIN a $10,000 GIFT CARD? Can you imagine? There are three ways you can WIN actually (you can't click on the links - this is just a pic, but I've included a link below):

If you start using the Westfield Wishlist application it will help you save the products you love on westfield.com.au so you can come back to them later or share them with your friends and give them a little nudge about what you really want this Christmas.
Now go on. Off you go. Enjoy your Christmas shopping for a change and maybe get yourself a cool $10k to spend on yourself! 



Bronnie and family said...

Lovely. I have started to do this but can't work out how to start my wish list ... it goes to internet explorer when I click on my own FB link. Will keep trying. Good luck to all.

Louise said...

Does that problem happen once you've added products to your wish list & then clicked the Facebook Connect button?
If so, you could try searching for Westfield Wish List in Facebook and see if you can access your wish list that way?

River said...

I see you need a facebook account. Well, that leaves me out.