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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Five

It's time to catch up on Sherrie's eventful life in The Dance of Revenge - the book I started writing at age 14...

If you're just joining in this week, be sure to catch up on the story so far. Just scroll down the homepage, and on the RHS - under the ballet slippers (natch) - are all the links. ;)

Last week, Sherrie's mother not so pleasantly surprised her with the announcement that she had married her lover, Adam - much to Sherrie's dismay. Sherrie found comfort in the arms of her Grandmother, but was shocked to find her grandmother was upset with her when she found a photo that her grandmother didn't want her to see. What's the big secret?

It's time for Chapter Five....

Chapter Five

SHERRIE stood beside her grandmother watching the 747 lift high in to the air, carrying her mother and Mr Brair. The goodbyes had not been over reacted. [Huh?] Sherrie's mother was the only one to shed a small tear. Mr Brair had tryed [tried, Jodie! Tsk, tsk] to kiss Sherrie goodbye, but failed. Sherrie did not kiss her mother goodbye either. She was still angry at her mother's behaviour the previous day. The cut across her cheek [from the vase her mother threw in Chapter 4] was a memorie [I was obviously have spelling issues during the typing of Chapter Five] that would soon go away, but the cut in her heart would not. [I can see where I was going with that sentence, but perhaps, 'the wound to her heart' might have been better?]

Grandma Dolty had not asked how she cut her face. Sherrie thought she [had] probably guessed. Grandma Dolty knew also that Sherrie's mother was changing. She had started changing ever since Mr Brair entered her life. [I so badly want to re-write that paragraph, but it would only be the beginning - I could just keep going and going and going...]

Sherrie's grandmother was now tugging at her arm. Then Sherrie silently let some tears fall from her face.

"Tu pleurs?" You're crying? Grandma Dolty asked.

"Un peu." A little.

Sherrie and her grandmother swerved their way through the hustle of the crowd until they arrived outside and signaled a cab to take them to the train station. Once at the train station, they boarded the first train back to Grandma Dolty's apartment. When they arrived back home, they sat in the small living room and drank peppermint tea and ate a danish each. The danish was soothing in Sherrie's mouth. It reminded her of the day once long ago when her [she] and her mother used to picnic every Sunday and have a danish with a glass of lemonade. [Ok - ewww. Can't see that working.] They never did that anymore. Now on Sundays, Mr Brair came over and played cards with her mother. Now he would be there every day and night. Sherrie definitely didn't want that.

As Sherrie and her grandmother sat alone in the small room, it became dark and Sherrie became tired.

"I think I may take a shower, Grandma. I'm awfully tired. Do you mind?"

"Of course not, ma chere." Sherrie collected her nightgown and towel and entered the small, cramped bathroom. She removed her clothes and started the shower. No soap.

"Grandma? Where is the soap?" Sherrie called.

"Look in the cupboard under the basin." Grandma Dolty walked in to the white bathroom and looked in the cupboard.

"Le voila sous votre nez." There it is in front of your eyes, she said to Sherrie.

Sherrie laughed and when her grandmother was out of the bathroom, she reached to the back to pull out the bar of sweet smelling soap. Then the jumper she had thrown on the ground [floor] made her trip and fall on the hard, tiled floor. [What did it do? Reach up and pull her foot from under her?] When she lay laughing on the floor, she looked up in to the cupboard to see a piece of paper behind the pipe. She pulled it out and was surprised to see the photo that she had found just yesterday. Her grandmother must of [have] hidden it. But Sherrie still did not understand why. She knew her grandmother might look to find it, so for the time being she placed it back in its hiding spot.

When she was under the steaming, hot water, she thought about the photo. Whoever the man was, she wanted to find out. He must of [have!] been some mysterious man that her grandmother does not want to remember. If he had done anything [wrong], Sherrie wanted to know.

*     *     *     *     *

Grandma Dolty sat in the lounge chair feeling strange and very tired. She had not felt so tired in ages. She had not slept well the previous night. She had lay awake thinking how much her daughter, Elizabeth had changed. In the thirty years of Elizabeth she had done so many things. [Ok, even I can barely work out what that sentence means. I think I was trying to say, 'In the thirty years since Elizabeth had been born, she had experienced many things.' Or something like that.] She had witnessed the death of her father, had a child at the age of only sixteen, and also she had been married.

Grandma Dolty was not happy about this. She felt Elizabeth was marrying someone she only knew what was like in bed. [Okaaaaay.] Grandma Dolty was sure Elizabeth did not know much more about Adam Brair.

Michelle thought Adam was a very arrogant man with a slight ego problem. She had not liked him from the start. There was only one man who she had liked, but now he...

Michelle heard Sherrie get out of the shower and suddenly thought of the photo that was hidden behind the pipe. What if she [Sherrie] were to find it? She would check later. Sherrie came skipping out of the bathroom and threw her arms around her grandmother.

"I love you, Grandma. Goodnight." Michelle felt the warmth of Sherrie's arms. She loved that child so much.

"I love you too. Goodnight and sweet dreams." Sherrie kissed her grandmother on the cheek then raced into the spare room to her bed.

Michelle slowly arose from the chair and pitter-pattered her way to the bathroom. She opened the cupboard door and knelt down to feel for the photo. It was still there! She breathed a sigh of relief and then turned to head for her own bed. Before she made it to her bed though, she felt a sharp pain in her heart. [Uh-oh.] She drew her breath in awkwardly and hurried to take one of her pills. When she had swallowed the small, white pill she felt better and lay down to sleep.

*     *     *     *     *

Sherrie heard her grandmother go to bed after she had visited the bathroom. Sherrie knew that her grandmother had gone to check for the photo. What if she had hidden it somewhere else? She waited until she could hear her grandmother's snoring and crept out of bed to the bathroom. She quietly opened the cupboard door and checked under the pipe. Her grandmother had not changed the hiding place. She discreetly crept back to bed and slipped in between the cold sheets. 

*     *     *     *     *

The week went quite quickly for Sherrie who was busy at school. On Thursday, she came home to her grandmother's and when she opened the front door she could not see her in her usual place in her lounge chair. 

"Grandma? Are you here? I just got back." No answer. Sherrie walked quickly to the bathroom. Not there. Then she checked the kitchen. Not there either. [Are you expecting a peekaboo?] Sherrie began to feel frantic. She walked quickly to Grandma Dolty's bedroom and gasped when she saw her grandmother lying so still. 

"Grandma!" she choked. Grandma Dolty began to open up her eye lids slowly. 

"Sherrie," she whispered. Sherrie moved closer to the bed. Her grandmother looked so ill and tired. She began to cry with desperation. What should she do? [Ah, call an ambulance?]

"What is it, Grandma?" she asked instead. [Um, instead of what?]

"Ah, Sherrie. My beautiful Sherrie. Come sit on the bed. I am all right for now. Here, hold my hand." She extended her hand to Sherrie who immediately clasped it in her own.

"Sherrie, I would like you to promise me something." She looked directly at the young girl's eyes. "Will you promise?"

"Oui, madame. I will." Sherrie clasped the woman's hand tighter. 

"Bon." Good. "Now Sherrie, I want you to promise me that never in your whole life you will let that Adam Brair take your love away. Especially your love for the ballet. I have to tell you that I will be gone soon, Sherrie, but even when I'm gone, I want you to do your best in your ballet."  She drew in her breath an blinked slowly. "Ballet is one of the most competitive occupations in the world. Only the best succeed. And, my Sherrie, in my eyes you are the best. I love you dearly. I know you will make it, if you try. Don't let anybody stop you. No one." She paused and drew in her breath once again. Sherrie began to cry harder. 

"Do you promise, Sherrie?" Sherrie nodded. 

"I love you, Grandma. Please don't leave me." Sherrie pleaded with her grandmother's eyes. 

"Oh, my child. I do not want to leave you. Please understand. But it hurts, Sherrie. I want to go where I'll feel better. You want that don't you?" 

"Oui, but..."

"No, my child. Do not say it. There is one more thing. It's about..." Suddenly Sherrie's grandmother cried out in pain and her eyes shut quickly. Her head fell limp. [At this point, I seriously don't know whether to laugh or cry. SO dramatic.]

"NO!" Sherrie screamed. She screamed and cryed [there's that spelling again] and flew herself against her grandmother's body. "No, grandmother!" she sobbed. "Please don't leave me. Please!" She threw her head down on her grandmother's chest and cryed [sigh] until her throat ached. But it was too late. Her grandmother was dead. 
*     *     *     *     *

The ambulance came quickly after Sherrie called them. Then it was confirmed. Her grandmother was dead. A heart attack. 

Sherrie could not stop crying whilst they took her body away. [I assume I meant her grandmother's body.] Sherrie knew she would not see her grandmother again. The only person that understood her. 

The woman from next door had come to look after her before her mother came. Then she remembered that her grandmother had wanted to tell her something. But what? Then Sherrie remembered the photo. She ran into the bathroom and looked behind the pipe. It was there! She pulled it out and when she heard the woman coming, slipped it into her coat pocket. 

"Are you all right, dear?" the kind woman asked. 

"Oui, merci." 

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Pas encore." Not yet. Sherrie knew that her mother and Mr Brair would be home soon. Maybe tomorrow. 

That night, Sherrie lay in bed, her stomach empty. She could not have anything to eat as she was not hungry. She thought that she may never eat again. Eventually she fell into a troublesome sleep. 

Well, there you go. Some pretty heavy stuff went down in Chapter Five, huh?

Will Sherrie be able to carry through with her promise to her grandmother to not allow anything to get in the way of her ballet? Or will something happen to put a stop to her, and her grandmother's, dream?

Now that Adam is living with Sherrie, will he try to take advantage of her again?

Stay tuned people...


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