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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Six

Haven't I been good? 

This will be the third week I've posted a WHOLE chapter for you of The Dance of Revenge.

Last week in Chapter Five, Sherrie mourned the death of her grandmother, and wondered why her grandmother had tried to hide the photo of the mysterious man standing with her mother. Who was he? Why did her grandmother want to keep him a secret?

This week, we have another french lesson, and - warning - things get a little....intimate again. Not in a good way, either.

If you're joining the story now, just head to my homepage, scroll down the RHS and see all the links to the story so far.

Enjoy...and be kind to the 14 year old girl who wrote this... ;) [My comments are in red brackets like this.]

Chapter Six

ELIZABETH stood at the airport in France looking for Sherrie. Then she spotted her leaning against a paper stand looking at the ground. [Ok right up front, I have questions. How does one stand against a paper stand? Wouldn't it, like, fall over? And when I wrote, 'against a paper standing looking at the ground' - was the stand facing the ground, or are we talking about Sherrie looking at the ground? Sigh.] Elizabeth dropped her suitcase and rushed to put her arms around her daughter. 

"Oh, ma fille. I missed you dearly. How are you feeling? Oh, I loved your grandmother. Why...?" Her rambling on suddenly stopped because of the tears. Sherrie did not comfort her. Her mother did not care as much as she did. She was sure of that.

Elizabeth cryed [I think we're all going to have to accept the fact that in Year 9, I believed - wholeheartedly - that the word 'cried' was spelt 'cryed'] until she finally controlled herself. 

"Come Sherrie. Adam is waiting for us in the restaurant for some morning tea." Sherrie hesitated. 

"Do I have to see him?" she asked.

"Yes dear. You do. Please Sherrie, do not try to be difficult." Sherrie reluctantly followed her mother to the small coffee shop that was not far from the paper stand. 

Elizabeth looked around for Adam and finally found him sitting in the back of the shop. Elizabeth was proud of him for coming back with her. She needed him now. She needed him to help her with Sherrie. 

"Thank you for waiting, Adam," she said tiredly. Adam smiled. Sherrie ignored him and sat down in silence. 

The waiter strolled up to their table and asked them for their order.

"Du cafe pour moi, s'il vous plait."  Coffee for me please, Elizabeth said to the waiter. 

"Coffee, thanks," Adam said. "Sherrie?"

"Je prefere du chocolat." I prefer chocolate. [Quite obviously, 'hot' chocolate was not in my French dictionary.]

They all waited in silence until their orders came. Then Adam spoke. 

"Sherrie, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I liked her very much." Sherrie frowned. 

"She didn't like you!" she spat. Elizabeth looked at Sherrie in horror. 

"Please, Sherrie. Apologise to Adam." Sherrie shrugged. 

"Je vous demande pardon." I'm sorry, she whispered.  

Elizabeth knew that she probably didn't mean it, but just said so that she would not be in trouble. [Smart woman, that Elizabeth.]

"I accept," Adam said. Elizabeth passed a smile to him, and he patted her hand. Sherrie stiffened when she saw them so Elizabeth removed her hand.

"Would you like something to eat, Sherrie?" Elizabeth asked. 

"Non, merci, je n'ai pas faim." No, thank you. I am not hungry. Elizabeth was a little annoyed that Sherrie was not speaking english in front of Adam. She knew that Adam sometimes felt uncomfortable when he could not understand their language. 

"Sherrie, whilst Adam is here I'd rather you speak english," Elizabeth commented. 

"Oui." Elizabeth sighed and gave Sherrie a frown. 

"Yes madame," Sherrie repeated. Elizabeth held her hand. 

"Sherrie, I know it was hard for you to see your grandmother, and my mother die like that, but..." Elizabeth's voice choked slightly. "Darling, we know it was for the best. She was suffering for a long time before now. Now she can rest."

Elizabeth watched as her daughter began to cry. She rushed from the table and ran to the restrooms. Elizabeth was about to go after her, but Adam stopped her. 

"Let her have a good cry, honey. Just leave her alone for a while." Elizabeth did what he said. He was right, wasn't he?

*     *     *     *     *

Sherrie looked out the window of the train as it passed the beautiful country side of France. She sat alone whilst her mother sat in front of her next to Adam, of course. The train was a little slower than usual, probably because it was raining quite hard. Sherrie watched the droplets of rain race down the window and for an instant she wished she could be them. Mr Brair had his arm tucked neatly around her mother's shoulders and she noticed when she took the seat behind them that her mother rested her hand on his upper right thigh. She shuddered every time they touched each other. If only her mother knew about him....and her [Sherrie, that is.]

Sherrie still could not understand why her mother did not wake up to his thoughtfullness. [Oh dear. I'm quite sure I meant 'thoughtlessness'.] He acted so different around her. As if he was the nicest person to ever step into their lives. Sherrie's thoughts were interrupted by her mother's voice. 

"Come on, Sherrie. This is where we get off." It was the station that would take them to Grandma Dolty's apartment. 

"Why have we stopped her, mama?" Sherrie asked. 

"We have to collect some of grandma's things. You do want to come, don't you?" 

"Of course." They walked the short way and then entered the building. The small living room looked deserted. 

"Where are grandma's things?" Sherrie asked quickly. 

"Grandma did not have a will, Sherrie, so her things do not belong to us. They have to be sold."

"SOLD? Can't we buy them?" Sherrie asked quickly.

"We haven't got that sort of money, Sherrie. All grandma's money isn't left to us either. It was already transferred in to your Aunty Thereas' account. And you know that she would never give us any of that money." Sherrie had to agree with that. [Whoa - everything's sold, like, within days of her death? And nothing left to her precious granddaughter? A little hard to believe, donchtya think?] 

"Sherrie, there's something else." Sherrie sat down on the floor with her mother, whilst Mr Brair continued to look through the apartment. "I'm afraid Adam and I can't afford to pay for anymore ballet lessons." [Oh, yeah. Let's kick a girl when she's down Liz!] Sherrie shrieked with alarm. No more lessons?

"But, mama. You told me that we would be better financially, and that Mr Brair would help us!" Elizabeth shook her head. 

"I'm sorry, Sherrie."

"Sorry? What good will that do? You know that ballet is important to me. It's my life. Just like writing was yours. You lied to me, mother. You lied." Elizabeth looked at Sherrie in desperation. 

"I'm sorry ma chere. This Saturday will be your last lesson. No more words on the subject." With that, Elizabeth got up and went to look for Adam. 

No more ballet? Sherrie began to weep once again. Her grandmother's words were still ringing in her ears. Promise me, Sherrie. How could she keep that promise now?

She saw her mother come out from the spare room with a tin box and and an old photo album. The same one Sherrie had looked through. She felt her pocket to make sure that the photo was still there. It was. 

"Come on, Sherrie. We have to go now." It was her mother's voice calling her from the door. She got up reluctantly and then turned one last time out the door. 

Goodbye apartment, she thought sadly. Goodbye career. Once they were outside the door, there was no turning back. Not ever. 

*     *     *     *     *

Sherrie lay in her bed that night thinking of her mother's words. No more ballet. It sounded so final. As though she had just been told that a part of her had died. In a way, it had. Her grandmother - her friend, her companion - had died. Without her grandmother, there was no future. She heard footsteps coming towards her door and thought that it was probably her mother. But when the door flew open she gasped in fright to see Mr Brair standing with only his pyjama shorts on. 

Without a word, he walked slowly over to Sherrie, closing the door behind him. She just lay frozen with fear. What could she do?

"Good evening, lovie. How's my little sweet one?" he sneered. Sherrie could not say anything. She just watched him walk closer and closer. "I'm really sorry about your grandma. Poor old thing. Croaking it that way." Sherrie began to feel anger at his words. 

"Don't talk about my grandmother that way!" she hissed. Mr Brair laughed wickedly and then all of a sudden stopped. 

"I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do Sherrie dear. I'm your father now. Remember?" His words were sickening to Sherrie. He sat down on the bed and touched her head softly. "And we all know that little girls have to do what daddy says, don't they?" Sherrie shook her head slowly. 

"You're not my father, you bastard!" she said sharply. He grabbed her hair tightly so that it hurt. "Let go!" But he didn't.

"Let go? Did I just hear my daughter say 'let go'? Now, you apologise to daddy and kiss him. Be a good girl." Sherrie looked at him in anger. 

"Do not hold your breath, Mr Brair." He took her hair and pulled so that she was forced to sit up. Her face and his were close.

"Now," he began. "Say sorry to daddy and kiss him." Sherrie shook her head. 

"No." He began to get angry so he pulled her lips on his and kissed her hard. 

"That's very good, Sherrie dear. But I think you need a little more practice." In fear, Sherrie watched as he stood and pulled off his pyjama shorts. He had a pair of the most briefest pants on underneath. Then he climbed into her bed and sat on top of her.

"Now, he began. "Let's get that awful nighty off out of the way." He pulled the nighty off to reveal Sherrie's breasts. She could not cover them because he was sitting on her arms. Both of his hands touched and caressed her breasts. She began to cry silently. Then he lay down beside her and his hands made their way down her pants. She could not move. 

"Please stop," she pleaded. 

"Say please stop, daddy," he murmured whilst kissing her neck. She cryed more. 

"P-please, s-stop d-daddy." He removed his hand and jumped out of the bed. Then he threw on his shorts and smiled lazily. 

"Good girl. Now I'm glad we understand each other, Sherrie. Maybe we could get to know each other even more?" Sherrie grabbed her nighty and pulled it on hurriedly. 

"You bastard! I hate you. I hate you!" All Mr Brair did was smile and then laugh. Then he walked slowly back out of the room, closing the door softly. Sherrie sobbed in her pillow. He had done it again. She knew it wouldn't be the last time either. How she hated him. She wanted to kill that bastard! Now he would go back and charm her mother in bed. He did not charm her. He never would. If he lived that long.

[I feel ill after reading that. I guess though, that means my own writing is connecting with me. I'm disliking this Adam Brair more and more. You?]

*     *     *     *     *

Elizabeth woke and reached over to the left side of the bed. She felt nothing. Where was Adam? Then the door opened softly.

"Is that you, Adam?" she asked softly.

"Yes, my princess of love."

"Where were you ma cherie?" He strolled over to the bed and slipped under the sheets. 

"I was checking up on Sherrie. She seemed so upset when she went to bed, so I thought I'd see if she was sleeping alright." He smiled sweetly.[Bastard.]

"Oh, thank you, Adam. Is she sleeping well ma cherie?" 

"Oh, yes princess. She's sleeping just fine."


"Good? Why my love?" His smile clearly teased her. 

"Now we can play. Do you want to play?" She teased him by touching him where she knew he could not resist. 

"But of course I'm ready to play. Let's play." Then he tore off her nightgown and began to kiss her in every place possible. She giggled in delight as his lips kissed her stomach. Then she pulled her head up so that she could kiss his lips. They kissed passionately and then ripped off their underwear. [Crikey!] 

When they had finished making love, Adam sat looking at Elizabeth. 

"You are so beautiful, sweet Liz. You know that?" She giggled at his words. 

"Je t'aime." I love you, she whispered. He responded by kissing her softly, and then more passionately. Again, they made love. 

Elizabeth lay in Adam's arms and realised that she loved him so much. She would do anything to keep him happy. Anything. 

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted after that. What books exactly was I reading back then?

Next week, Sherrie attends her last ballet class. Will Adam torture her again? Will her mother wake up to Adam's ways? One thing is for sure - something major happens in Chapter Seven that will change Sherrie's life forever. M.A.J.O.R. people.

Until then...


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