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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hot or Not? 2010 Hottest of the Hot

So who did we vote 'hot' this year? And who made the 'not' list? It's the yearly wrap up for 2010's Hot or Not .

Firstly I want to say that Hot or Not was not my original idea. Most weeks I remember to put a little bit at the bottom to say that Hot or Not was inspired by Insomniac Mummy's weekly Hot or Not posts. I enjoyed hers, but with her being in the UK, I found some of the celebs I wasn't aware of. I thought I could put a few Aussies in mine (and we did). 

Secondly, the idea of a Hot and Not of the Year came from the ever lovely Samantha Currie (@samanthac). (You are a clever lady, Samantha. Thanks for the idea!)

Ok, so I had to go back through all the comments to see how everyone rated, and I've come with the Top 5 HOT celebs, and Top 5 NOT

Firstly though, here's the complete list of celebs that had us voting Hot or Not each week!

Adam Brody
Adrien Grenier
Alex O'Loughlin
Andy Garcia
Bear Grylls
Brad Pitt
Brian McFadden
Chris Noth
Colin Firth
David Beckham
Eric Dane
Ewan McGregor
Hamish Blake
Henry Cavill
Hugh Jackman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jarvier Bardem
John Corbett
John Stamos
Johnny Depp
Jon Bon Jovi
Josh Holloway
Justin Bartha
Mark Raffallo
Mark Wahlberg
Matt Damon
Matthew Fox
Patrick Dempsey
Prince Frederik
Robbie Williams
Robert Downey Jnr
Robert Pattinson
Ronan Keating
Russell Crowe
Ryan Reynolds
Sam Worthington
Stanley Tucci
Tom Cruise

Isn't that impressive? I'd link to them all, but I'm just too darn lazy...and time poor! (It's Christmas, ya'll!) But if you want to check any of them out, just search on Hot or Not? Adam Brody for example in my search box and you'll find them. 

Now, without further ado, here are the top five "NOT" celebs for 2010. Let's start at the, ah, 'top' so to speak: 

5. Stanley Tucci - I doubt you're surprised he made it in to the Top 5 - but I bet you're surprised he's not closer to the No. 1 NOT spot, huh? Go Stanley!

4. Jarvier Bardem and Chris Noth - A tie! Seems the Spanish actor might be Penelope Cruz's style, but he failed to raise most of our heart rates. 

Are you surprised Chris didn't cut it? Will his Sex & The City co-star, John Corbett, fare any better? 

3. Fredrik, Crown Prince of Denmark - It seems not even being a Prince can get you in to the Hot or Not Top 5.

2. Justin Bartha - I think a lot of why Justin didn't make the cut, is because he wasn't well known enough. And he's a little young. Some day, Justin. Some day...

And now....who did Mummy Mayhem readers vote as the least hot of 2010 - with the largest "NOT vote?

1. Brian McFadden - Nope. Brian just didn't quite cut it with most of you. Sorry, Brian. But you still get the gorgeous Delta - so there. 

The 2010 Not The Hottest of the Hot

At the end of the day, we know all these guys have gazillions of admirers, don't we? I'm sure none of them will be crying over a beer at the local pub tonight. ;)

So, who did Mummy Mayhem readers vote the hottest of the hot? I can tell you that in the top 10 was Alex O'Loughlin, Matt Damon, Colin Firth, Henry Cavill (my fave!) and Johnny Depp. But there were five more gentlemen that ended up with more hot votes vs not votes. 

Let's work our way up to the Hottest of the Hot, ok?

5. Hamish Blake - Yep. This Aussie funny man was actually only the second person up for Hot or Not, and it seems many love a good sense of humour, and Hamish doesn't disappoint. 

4. John Corbett - Yes, as I said, John did fare better than his colleague. 

3. Ewan McGregor - This Scottish lad proved one popular candidate indeed!

2. Patrick Dempsey - Patrick was only a recent addition to the weekly Hot or Not, and he came a very, very close second to our Number 1. Seems McDreamy is, well, dreamy...

Ok - so who made No.1? Who is it that takes home the incredibly prestigious title of 2010 Hottest of the Hot for this year's Hot or Not

Can you guess? 


1. Mark Wahlberg - With only 1 vote that was an 'uncertain' vote, seems this ex-Calvin Klein model still has the funky stuff to make him HOT!

The 2010 Hottest of the Hot WINNER!

Congrats, Mark. In my opinion, you deserve the title. Maybe not quite as much as Henry Cavill - but close. 

So, that's Hot or Not for 2010. It'll be back in the New Year. 

Who would be your ultimate 'hot' vote for 2010? And who would you like to see on 2011's Hot or Not list?


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