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Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot or Not? Eric Dane

It's time for our weekly Hot or Not here at Mummy Mayhem...

As you can see, I'm following a bit of a Grey's Anatomy theme here at the mo. Why not? We had Grey's Anatomy's 'McDreamy' last week - Patrick Dempsey - and this week I thought we'd turn to his bestfriend and fellow doctor (on the show, of course)...Eric Dane AKA 'McSteamy'.

I think he has an incredibly gorgeous smile. I'm focussing on the smile, people. But I'm pretty sure some of you will agree with me that's not his only positive characteristic. Yes?

So what do you think? Is Eric Dane hot, or not?

*** HOT OR NOT YEARLY WRAP UP Join me on a very special day next THURSDAY for a Hot or Not yearly wrap up (thanks for the idea Samantha!).

We'll revisit all of this year's Hot or Not candidates and find out who made the HOT list, and who made the NOT list. Who was the most popular of all the Hot or Not choices this year? Was it Robert Downey Jnr? Ryan Reynolds? Hamish Blake? Ewan McGregor? Come back next week to find out.

Until then - enjoy your weekend!


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