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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Here's how we celebrate Christmas at my house...

Because I'm a Christmas Nut (LOVE IT!) I try to get all Christmassy by no later than the 1 December. Sometimes, I have to give in to the fact that the 1st doesn't fall on a weekend, and it's just too hard to get all the kids organised to put the tree up on a school night (because it always takes longer than we think) and we wait for the next weekend.

I'm very particular about my decorations. I'm quite the Christmas Tree Nazi, in fact. I'm not proud of this fact. It's just the way I am.

I have learnt, however, over the years to just stand back and pretty much let the kids do their thing decorating the tree - so long as they use only the approved decorations as issued by the Christmas Tree Committee (me). Then, when they are all sleeping like Christmas angels in their beds that night, I go in and fix it up to my own satisfaction. ;) Actually, this year I didn't really touch it at all. I moved a few Christmas balls that were bunched up together, but for the most part, I left it alone. (Proud of me?)

There's a colour theme: pink, purple and silver. We have a smaller tree that the kids get to decorate themselves. They can put whatever colour they want on that one - just don't mess with my 'real' tree, ok?

Isn't that sad? I just can't help myself.

I have visions of one day owning a larger home where I can purchase a HUMONGOUS tree which I can use as the 'real' tree, and the current 'real' tree can go in to the family room where the kids can go to town on it. Because, to be honest, I love all the personal touches of handmade decorations that the kids make at school in those last few weeks where teachers are trying to bide time before they close up shop prior to the school holidays. ;) (For the record, these handmade items do actually receive pride and place around the formal lounge room where the 'real' tree resides. I'm not that much of a Christmas Nazi!)

So here are our decorations in pictorial form for you. Enjoy.


A little silver sparkle...

Sparkly Christmas balls adorn the coffee table

Hmmm..not quite in keeping with my colour theme. Ah, well.

Away in a manger...

That is not a skipping rope.
The angel fell off, hence the lacky band. ;) 

I have two angel candle holders which I've had since I was a kid.

I love dressing up the mantelpiece.

The colour theme in action. Can you spot me in the silver ball?

Our Christmas tree.

Do you celebrate Christmas? What's your 'colour-theme'? Oh, come on. You need a colour theme, people! (Just kidding.)


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