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Friday, December 31, 2010

So that was 2010...

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It has been an amazing year here at Mummy Mayhem! As always, it's flown.

I started the new year launching two new blogs. Mummy Mayhem's Recipe Blog (which I neglected for a little while and relaunched in October) and a family movie review blog that I later closed because I couldn't keep up with it! (But I'll still review some movies here occasionally.)

Personally, in January Hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. (I never did get that bling ring BTW. Dammit. Still working on that one. ;) )

I reached my first 100 posts in Jan, and celebrated. A little late, mind you. (FYI - this is my 361st post!)

Henry Cavill was my first Hot or Not choice
In March, I launched my first Hot or Not post. It has become a weekly fave. (If you didn't get around to it - check out 2010's Hottest of The Hot!)

A few days later I wrote a post about 'Taker Mums' and the next thing I knew, I found myself talking to the very lovely Carol Duncan of ABC Newcastle on the radio. For the first time EVER! That was so exciting.

In May, I had a little idea which came together after meeting a fellow blogger in person for the first time, watching a Desperate Housewives episode, reading this post by another gorgeous fellow blogger - as well as another post from a fellow blogger (whose blog no longer exists) - and then finally seeing the "Stars Without Makeup" issue of Who Magazine. It was Bloggers Without Makeup Day, and many fellow bloggers, tweeps and readers joined in with me and took a photo of themselves sans make up and posted it on their blogs/twitter profiles etc. It was so liberating for so many - including me.

There were some great follow up posts written about BWM Day. I later spoke, for the second time, to Carol Duncan all about it, and the lovely Brenda over at Mummy Time made a fabulous video to celebrate it all. It even got a little mention in one of the June issues of Who Magazine - the very magazine that inspired that first blog post about Bloggers Without Makeup.

Who Magazine, 7 June 2010

(I plan to run a second Bloggers Without Makeup Day in May 2011. Stay tuned!)

In July, I wrote a post about blog comments that wasn't intended to be controversial at all, but it ended up that way. To date, it is my most viewed blog post by far. I'm kind of glad, after problems with my blog comments this year, that the comments on that post are not showing. It got a little heated. I lost a friendship over it too (which I've since managed to rebuild), and it showed me that I have no desire to set the world on fire with my blog. It's a rather draining process being controversial (even unintentionally), and I don't know how people who purposely are that way cope!

In August, I was so very honoured and excited to be listed as one of Kidspot's Top 50 Bloggers for 2010.  Thank you Kidspot and to all those who voted for my blog. MWAH!

Turning 40
On a personal note, I turned 40 in September. Surely you couldn't have missed that. I blogged about it a lot! I had a GREAT day. And night. Thank you to everyone for all your beautiful birthday wishes. XXX

That same month, I took a deep breath and posted the first of a series of posts on the book I started writing at age 14, The Dance of Revenge. Whoa! That takes guts, people! In fact, it has given me a good laugh at times. I haven't actually read my 'book' in years, and have only been reading as I've posted each instalment. I think I was reading way too many Danielle Steele books or something back then. (All instalments posted so far are listed on my homepage. Just look for the ballet slippers (natch) on the RHS.)

I also had a go at making my first ever VLOG in September. What fun! I've since made three more, and plan to vlog again in the new year. ;)

In October, I celebrated ONE WHOLE YEAR of blogging here at Mummy Mayhem. Woot!

In November, an online video for Kleenex Mums (FAB website - do check it out) - Escape Poo Poo Island (all about toilet training) - was released, with moi involved. What fun that was! I've since filmed a little something else for Kleenex Mums too (for their internal awards night). I hope to do more for them next year. Thanks Kleenex Mums team!

Mummy Mayhem's Fan Page
Later in November, I finally gave in and joined Facebook. I have to say, I'm LOVIN' it! I've reconnected with some old friends, and I've also been able to connect with other bloggers too and see what they're all up to. Who knew there was another world going on there? ;)

This year, I popped up on a few other blogs. There was a little interview I did with bellaMumma about my skin care routine and fave makeup. I had 10 minutes with Belinda over at Cupcakes Frocks and Pink  and shared some of my fave things over at Fat Mum Slim. Thanks ladies for having me. :)

Another couple of highlights for me was being chosen as Blogger of The Week at Aussie Mummy Bloggers, as well as being chosen as a Crowdsourced Keynote speaker  - where I get to read one of my blog posts out aloud - at the Aussie Bloggers Conference to be held in Sydney in March 2011. Woo hoo! Can't wait for that!

I'm looking forward to more in 2011. I'll be starting off with a mini-makeover of my blog, so be sure to come and check it out! I'm really excited about it.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


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