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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Back to School Blues - and a GIVEAWAY (to help make them go away)

Do you remember your first day of school for the new year when you were a kid? Remember how it felt?

Remember thinking about what the first day of school might be like? I remember the butterflies I'd get about which class I would be in (I don't recall ever finding out my class list or teacher details prior to the start of the new school year like my kids do).  What teacher  would I have? (I recall the year I got Mrs Lightbody. Lightbody. Isn't that a funny name? Sorry if you're a Lightbody or related to one..but come on! It's FUNNY. Then there was Mrs Chitty. As I'm sure you can imagine, she was either referred to as a car, or the first two letters of her name 'accidentally' got pronounced as 'sh' instead of 'ch'. Poor woman. Then there was Mr Duncan. He was known as 'the sprayer', because whenever he spoke - usually berating us all at the time - he would spit everywhere. Ugh.)

Anyway, not surprisingly, my 8yr old and 6yr old aren't falling all over themselves with excitement about heading back to school. I'm running around them like a regular cheerleader at the moment, saying things like, "Hey. Let's go buy your NEW SCHOOL SHOES! YAY!!!!" and, "Let's go shopping and buy you a new LUNCH BOX! Woo HOOOO!" I'm trying my utmost hardest to get them even the faintest bit excited about Monday.

Last year, on our way down to school on the first day, my 6yr old asked, "How come we have to go to school sooo much?" To which I replied, "Well, to learn. There's a lot to learn, you know." To which my 8yr old son then asked, "Well, why can't we just look up all that stuff on Google?"

An interesting idea. However, that would involve some sort of home schooling on my part I'm sure, and quite frankly, that just 'aint gonna happen.

So right now - just like this time last year - they're not doing cartwheels over the prospect that school starts soon. (I, on the other hand, would definitely attempt one myself if I wasn't already aware what 40-year-old women should not do.)

However, today we have plans that I know will get them a wee bit excited about Monday, because I used to love doing it each year. And they are my children, and even though they may look like clones of their father (two of them do anyway) my genes are in there somewhere, and this is one gene I know has carried through to them from me.

We're buying our school stationery today. Woot!

I've written before about my love of stationery. The start of a new year always holds fond memories of picking out a new pencil case, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, school books. Doing my stationery shopping distracted me enough from the anxieties that came with the first day of school.

My kids love it too. We head off to our local Officeworks or Kmart and fill our basket with goodies. Then we label it and arrange it in our bags. Good times...

Now, if you have kids that are heading back to school (some have already started, I know), then you might like today's GIVEAWAY.

When PR companies contact me about stuff, I try to pick things that I think my Mummy Mayhem readers will like (I don't accept everything I'm offered) and I have THREE fab-o Back to School Packs (valued at $50 each) - thanks to Pilot Pens - to giveaway to three lucky readers! (It includes Pilot's new pen called the B2P "Bottle to Pen" - the latest addition to the eco-friendly BegreeN range and is the first refillable gel ink pen made from recyclable plastic PET bottles. It even looks like a bottle itself! How cool is that?)

Just leave me a comment below - maybe tell me about one of your teachers as a kid if you like - together with contact details if you can (your Twitter name or email address will do - but don't panic if you can't or don't want to leave those details, just make sure you check back here to see if you've won) and we'll go from there! (Open to Aussie residents only, I'm afraid.) Competition closes Sunday 30 January, 6pm EST. I will contact the winners, but will also announce the winners on Monday morning on my Noticeboard at the top of my homepage. So look out for that. Okely dokely?

Good luck!

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