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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dance of Revenge - Chapter Eight, Part I

Finally. The Dance of Revenge is back.

Last week wasn't the right time to swing back in to this series of posts, but this week is a new one. One that holds more promise. It's time to have a little fun.

If you haven't been following The Dance of Revenge - well, it's a book I started writing at the ripe old age of 14. It's the story of Sherrie - a eager ballet student whose mother has married a man that is not very nice (to say the least). Sherrie has an accident that changes her life forever, and it's then she decides she wants to seek revenge...

To catch the story so far, just scroll down the homepage and check out all the links under the pink ballet shoes. Enjoy!

Now, for my regular readers (that's you, Jen, and you, Mardi!) you may recall in Chapter Seven that Sherrie attended her final ballet lesson (much to her disappointment and sadness) only to find out she had won the lead in the next ballet production, and have to turn down the role. She then boarded a train home with disastrous consequences.

Any comments I make about my story [I'll write in red in brackets like this].

Chapter Eight, Part I

ELIZABETH reached the height of her climax and let out a scream of pleasure. [How's that for an opening to a new chapter, huh?] Adam lay beneath her, clearly showing his tiredness by panting shakily. Elizabeth bean to laugh with delight and rolled off Adam so that she could lay beside him. For a few minutes they didn't speak because of their tiredness from the vigorous activity that had been going on for the past half hour. 

Elizabeth turned on her side to face Adam and leaned on her left hand which sat beneath her flawless cheek. 

"I love you," she whispered seductively. Adam lay still, still recovering from their love-making. He sighed in pleasure when Elizabeth traced her finger all the way down his front. He turned on his side and touched her cheek and kissed her softly. 

"And I love you," he exclaimed. "And I love your body." Elizabeth chuckled and she brought her finger up to touch his lips with it. She outlined his red, rose-like coloured lips and then kissed them with her own. They began softly and then as they both began to feel delight [unfortunate choice of words there], they kissed more passionately. 

Adam climbed on top of Elizabeth but the shrill of the phone disturbed their pleasure. [Thank goodness for that, I say. I couldn't get more uncomfortable typing this stuff if I tried.] Elizabeth perked her ears and drew away from Adam's mouth, even though she didn't want to. 

"Adam, the phone," she cryed. [For those of you reading this series for the first time - I had an issue back then spelling 'cried' and 'tried'. I liked the letter 'y' too much it seems.] His mouth and tongue continued to trace down her neck and then onto her breast. 

"Just forget it. They're interrupting," he said firmly. 

"It might be important, Adam." He stopped kissing her breast and looked at her. "Please?" she asked sweetly. He rolled his eyes but got out of the bed and sat on the edge and picked up the receiver. 

"Hello?" he asked angrily. Elizabeth smiled and gently put her arms around his waist and rubbed his upper thigh. His hand suddenly clasped hers. She stopped and got up to sit beside him. "I see," he said hoarsely. "Yes, I understand. I'll be down right away." He replaced the phone gently and turned to face Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth looked at his troubled eyes with alarm. She watched how the colour from his face drained a little. 

"Adam. Tell me, what is it?" He shook his head slowly and clasped her hands in his. 

"It's the old train. Half of it has run off the track and a lot of people have gone flying in to the river. Some of the bodies have been found, but they are... The back of the train caught on fire. Most of the bodies are still in the ruins, some have been dragged out, still alive, but badly burnt. Very badly burnt. Apparently some men were fishing in the river and saw the train go over and hurried to save the people in the rear. One of the men called the fire brigade and the police. The woman on the phone said that if anyone was in the rear of the train, they couldn't have gotten out anyway because the doors wouldn't have opened." [Wow. He got ALL that from the short conversation on the phone?!] He stopped and watched Elizabeth's face. She smiled.  

"Thank God Sherrie was at ballet today. Was someone you know on the train, Adam?" He shook his head. 

"Elizabeth, let me finish. That's just it. Sherrie left classes early today. When the train went over it was announced on the radio. Madame rang the police and told them that it was possible that Sherrie had caught the train." Adam watched as Elizabeth paled. 

"No. No, Adam. Sherrie wouldn't go on that train. I told her never to go on that train. Never! She wouldn't have, I know..." Elizabeth's words trailed off and she began to scream and cry hysterically. Adam tryed [see?] to calm her down by soothing her and finally she quietened, jumped up and started to dress. 

"Baby, what are you doing?" Adam asked with concern. 

"I'm going down to find Sherrie. She's alive Adam. I know it." Adam grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed. 

"No way! I'll go down and you'll stay here. You're not up to it, Liz."

"But Adam---"

"No buts. I'll call that friend of yours - Julie. She'll stay with you until I come back." He threw on his clothes and hastily rang Julie for Elizabeth and when she came he left leaving Elizabeth crying for him to take her with him. 

Elizabeth sat and wept in Julie's arms like she used to do when she was a little girl in her mother's arms. 

*     *     *     *     *

Adam Brair looked straight ahead as he drove down the streets toward the bridge where the train had flown off. He did not hurry though. He switched on the radio, but all he could find was french music. 

"I hate this french shit," he muttered to himself. He switched off the radio in disgust and threw his own tape in to the tape machine. [Hey - it was the 80s when I wrote this, people.] 

"That's much better," he said to himself. He whistled to the music and strummed his fingers to the beat on the wooden steering wheel. He frowned to think that maybe he'd have to sell this car if the little shit, Sherrie, needed medical attention. Even if the bitch was dead, he'd have to pay for the god damn funeral. As he waited for the lights, he lit up a cigarette and sighed. He definitely was having trouble with financial matters. He had thought at first that Elizabeth's old lady might leave them a stack of money. But the old bitch left it to someone else instead. That's the main reason that he married Liz. Though when he thought about it now, he liked her quite a bit. Anyway, she was quite a good screw when it boiled down to it. Also, for her age, she was in pretty good shape. Yep, he thought, I think I'll stick with her for a while

The bridge came in to view. It was a weird bridge. It held both trains and cars. He pulled up when the policeman signalled him to stop. He was careful to turn off the music. Now he had to act a little. He couldn't show that he didn't give a shit about the brat. 

He jumped out of the car and put on a worried expression. 

"Officer? Where's my baby? Please, I gotta find her, damn it!" He mentally patted himself on the back for his little act. 

"This way," the officer ordered. Adam trailed quickly behind. He was pretty shocked though to see at least a dozen bodies with sheets over them. One by one the officer uncovered them, and each time it was harder that the first to pick them out, because they were so badly burnt. All of the dead ones weren't Sherrie. [Or, even 'none' of them were Sherrie, huh?] Adam thought that maybe she was one of the ones that went flying in to the river and swept downstream. A lot of passengers hadn't been found yet, he heard someone say. 

"Nope," he said to the officer when he uncovered the last dead body. "Maybe she was one of the girls thrown in to the river? Oh, God. I've got to find her!" He buried his face in his hands and half smiled. Maybe he could become an actor?

"Listen, Mr, ah...."

"Brair. Adam Brair."

"Oui. Look, Mr Brair, there are still some that are in the ambulance. They're really burnt but they're alive. Maybe your daughter's one of them? Adam nodded. 

"Thank you." The officer showed him the ambulance. 

"I hate to leave you go by yourself, but I have more parents to show. If you find her, please let us know. I'm sorry." [Gosh, I hope that would never be the procedure.]

"Thank you,"Adam whispered. He made his way over to the ambulance and looked inside. Four bodies lay inside. The first was definitely a boy. The second was an older lady. The third was only a baby, but the fourth made Adam stop and take a second look. It was really hard to pick. Could it be her? He was pretty convinced it wasn't Sherrie, and was about to turn away from the ambulance, when he noticed a ring on her middle-right finger. Sherrie's ring. Dammit, he thought. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. 

*     *     *     *     *

Now, that's not the end of the chapter, but it was getting kinda long, so I decided to break it up a bit. Hope you don't mind. It's a bit hard during school holidays to get all this typing done!

Stay tuned to find out the despicable thing that Adam does in hopes that Sherrie's identity may not be revealed.

Until next Sunday...

Jodie x

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