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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot or Not? Gerard Butler

It's time for some Friday fun...

Each week, I ask if you think a celebrity of my choice is hot, or not?

Last week, Nicolas Cage received a lukewarm response. Whilst he certainly has his fans...Verdict: NOT.

This week's choice I've seen in a few movies and he's one of those celebs that I'm, like, 'sometimes hot, sometimes not'. Call me undecided on this one. (FYI: in these shots...HOT!)

I've never seen The Bounty Hunter, but I'm curious as to whether he and Jen have that on-screen chemistry or not. Anyone seen the film? Is it worth a viewing?

It's on my 'To see' list anyway.

But enough with the jibber-jabber. Why don't you tell me what you think?

Scottish lad, Gerard Butler...hot, or not?

* This weekly post was inspired by Insomniac Mummy's weekly Hot or Not. 

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