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Friday, January 21, 2011

On Mummy Mayhem This Week

It's back. My weekly wrap up of what you may have missed here - and with a new little pic and everything!

I haven't done my weekly wrap up the last couple of weeks. Actually, I was on holidays for a bit, and last week it didn't seem appropriate, but here it is again. I would just hate to think you missed something here. ;)

So last Sunday we finally saw the return of the book I started writing at age 14 (are you sick of reading that part yet? I just have to keep saying it for the new readers, because I wouldn't want anyone to think I had written it, like, last year or something. Gah!). I'm talking, of course, about The Dance of Revenge. What is our nasty step-daddy, Adam up to now, hey?

Speaking of holidays, I wrote about heading back to my hometown of Perth, and how I find it kinda tough when I go back.

I also reviewed my kids' new fave film...The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Check out the trailer. AWESOME.

Things are still a little quiet on my recipe blog following my holiday, but I did manage to post a really simple, light and tasty salad with a yummy dressing I think you might like.

Oh, and if you're on Facebook, check out the Uncle Tobys page. I shared some recipes for a family bbq I think you might like. Don't worry non-FB users. I will post the recipes myself next week on my recipe blog, just in time for Australia Day. Woot! :)

Now, I'll be back later today with 2011's second Hot or Not candidate, so don't miss that, will you?

In the meantime - are you a blogger? Did you write a post this week you think I might like to read? If so, please leave the link(s) below in your comment - I would LOVE that!

Until later, ya'll...


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